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Dagon Scud Launcher.

simon 64

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I recently managed to get one of the Dragon Scud launchers and was wondering if any one new of a company that made glazing parts for the model. For those that don't know The kit provides templates but not pre cut or moulded glazing and I'm worried about my abilite to cut fom tne templates.

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When I built the kit I ended up using the Eduard PE sets, Interior and exterior.


I think the glazing provided by Eduard actually has an outline printed on the clear...I think. Maybe Eduards website might have some pictures.You could make a pattern out of masking tape and transfer that to some clear material and then cut?


When building the kit, you really need to dry fit the cabs before glueing, they are very tricky to get right.


The wheels and tires are junk and I think someone now makes an aftermarket set, good investment.


This is any early Dragon effort and the engineering isn't quite what it is today so dry fit, dry fit, dry fit, and you'll end up with a spectacular piece.


Good Luck,



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Thanks for the heads up, I'll go and check the Eduard site out. It is a kit that I allways wanted (for some strange reason!) and it came along at the right price at my local hobby shop so I grabbed fast. Now having looked at some of it I remember why I was not to keen on early Dragon kits when I was modelling before! Oh well we live and learn I supose....

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