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  1. Man, that is nice...outstanding work on the kit, the base is killer, well done.
  2. Having seen Krows Harley up close and personal, it one of the best pieces I've seen in my 40 years of building...a seriously crafted model, and still one of my favs. P
  3. Actually Paul...& John, I just spray directly on the template, placing the circle template directly on the road wheel. Usually, there will be a lip from where the wheel meets the tire and that is how I register the template, careful to mask off the circles not used. I spray the whole road wheel Tamiya Panzer Grey and then after it's dried place the template over top and spray the centre the colour I need, I never try and make a complete coverage as I want the grey to be part of the "shadow" and create more depth.... That was an awful wordy explanation, I hope I made some sense. P
  4. Hi John, I used to use masks for road wheels as I have a vinyl cutting machine at my disposal. I switched over to a drafting circle template a few years ago and haven't looked back. Find the correct circle and mask off the circles not used, seems to work just fine, just a different way of approaching the problem and it's reusable. My 2 cents, Peter
  5. Steveo, That looks great...will you bring that to the meeting? How far are you going to go on the weathering?... Thanks for the post, P
  6. Now, that's an interesting bit of news…I built Gordons Ferret Mk 1 a few years back, still one of the nicest bits of casting I ever seen. I've been interested in the Cougar MRAP for a few years as well..mmmm Thanks for the tip. Pete
  7. Nice… I've got the Zvesda T90…I can hardly wait, sight outta the box. Will you bring this to the next meeting? Happy Sunday, P
  8. Brad, pop over to Missing Links, there are a number of threads on the subject...... try not to get to overwhelmed, but the information is there. Good luck, Pete
  9. Hi, When I built the kit I ended up using the Eduard PE sets, Interior and exterior. I think the glazing provided by Eduard actually has an outline printed on the clear...I think. Maybe Eduards website might have some pictures.You could make a pattern out of masking tape and transfer that to some clear material and then cut? When building the kit, you really need to dry fit the cabs before glueing, they are very tricky to get right. The wheels and tires are junk and I think someone now makes an aftermarket set, good investment. This is any early Dragon effort and the engineering isn't quite what it is today so dry fit, dry fit, dry fit, and you'll end up with a spectacular piece. Good Luck, Peter
  10. Cool...I'll see if I can get my act together and post some images of my recent entries at our local show.
  11. Well done...that slat isn't easy and you've done a great job with it....scares the hell out of me but it's a kit that's soon to be in my rotation. Good work on the weathering too...most modellers tend to be really heavy handed when it comes to the dust and dirt in Afghanistan, and yes the real vehicles are very dusty but it never quite comes off in scale, less is more in this case I think. You've handled it very well in my opinion. My only critique would be I think the green is a bit "hot"...now it might be my monitor or the colour balance in the photo, you' really can't tell until you see the piece up close and personal, that's the only thing that sticks out with me, that I see that's a minor one at that. Really nicely done..and the slat is really, really well done, very impressed. Cheers, P
  12. I agree with Bevan, nice idea with the flaps...looking forward to seeing this.
  13. Fun idea though...tells a simple but effective story, I'd like to see it up close. The figure and the wolves look very well sculpted. Thanks for the pictures, Peter
  14. Genius work...super inspiring. Thanks, Pete
  15. Well, I for one will be interested to see what you can do with this monster...is the pic above the one you will be replicating? How would youdeal with the nose art?,a drawing program and then an ALPs type of decal? Looking forward to this, P
  16. Blimey...that's fantastic....I gotta see more of this build. Regards, P
  17. Looking forward to this one, I've had this project in mind for a while. P
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