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1/32 Tamiya Spitfire Mk ?

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A few years back I had some serious surgery that required me to leave the work force and retire. For about four years I was unemployed and to cope with the depression a friend of mine suggested that I take up model building. He even sent me a kit to get started. I joined my first forum and started learning and as the guys found out more about my situation they sent me stuff to keep on going. This Spitfire was my attempt at a real fine build which it never was near anyway so the guys could rest easy. I received this kit from an ex-navy type and he sent me stuff like an air brush, compressor etc, Adam sent me paint and every one kept me supplied with models and supplies until I got my settlement.

This Spitfire is supposed to be the Tamiya Mk VIII as to what I wound up with is a good guess. Now after four years of looking at this eyesore I decided it would get a much needed face lift. I wont be doing the engine or the pit but it only going to be an external refinish.





The paint was remover with some stuff in a yellow bottle that you can bet at the Family Dollar Store and I think it must be the most caustic stuff you can buy for a dollar. The decals were sort of removed with some tape and now I just need to figure out how I am going to get on with this thing. The wind screen won't come off with out breaking it so Ill just leave it alone.

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Nope Bill I just happened to like the e wing. when I built this is was the Mk VIII but I added and subtracted so many parts that I kinda lost track. I am putting it back to a Mk VIII as I have the wing tips that I need.

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It continues on. I hadn't realized how bad this build was until I got to looking around around a bit. The top engine panel doesn't fit well so there is going to be some filler but I think I can make it look like its supposed to be a little battle weary. I got the windows taped off and primer shot. Krylon white primer did the trick and I even took some time to ad some color to the prop. Now I think Ill just make it look presentable to my eyes at least so no major tear down and interior work will be done.







When I first built this five years ago I thought I was doing a good job, I have to sit back and say to my self "Cripes, did I do that?". I cant believe the horrid things I did on this build and now I cant really repair the whole lot but just sort of sugar coat it in hopes it may pass as a replication of the grey Nurse. Back then I had a old cell phone camera and some old knock off B&H quick shot. I am glad the pics sucked because the building of this kit itself sucked just as much. lol

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Cees, I have seen your stuff before and that kind of art inspires me to excel in this art / hobby. I think in the past five years I have attained skills and now I have sort of disciplined myself to do better work. If I want a successful build I must apply myself and accept less B.S. from me and just enjoy the build. I am not going to stress over any kit any longer. 

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