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1:35 Diorama Accessories - Milling Machine, US Telephones and a Toilet!


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Diorama Accessories Sets


(Milling Machine; Switcboards and Toilet Bowl)
Available from 
Plusmodel for the prices indicated below on the text


PlusModel since 1990, gives the modeler, especially the diorama modeler, every year several items that you just must have in your diorama or vignette.

This month that in no exception, either you want a factory or industrial diorama or a field in action diorama, Plusmodel is the answer for it.

            All sets that we going to review today are in 1:35.

They come in the standard Plusmodel box, being the full build model the box art.

The exception is the “Toilet Bowl” from “Easy line”, that comes in a small plastic bag.


It`s very well packaged, as always, with the all the parts coming inside of a bubble bag. The packing from Plusmodel is extremely professional to prevent any damage. These guys know what they are doing.


The gray resin from all sets, is top!  The resin is perfect molded, in all sets, and you well may struggle to see bubbles in all resin parts as they will see not a single one, once again.

I believe that the quality control of Plusmodel will never allow a piece with bubble skirt to market.

Outstanding casting once again and always, as it was expected by Plusmodel.

All resin parts come in plastic bag and in a smaller plastic bag the decals and photo-etched.

The box art are in the same style for all Plusmodel range: a box art very attractive, with full built and painted model.


Milling Machine


(29 resin pieces and 13 Photo-etched and one decal sheet)

Catalogue n.º 437

Price tag: 27,60$ (19,40€)  – directly from Plusmodel.


            On this set you will get a full milling machine with a engraved name of the manufacture, “Le Blond”.




            This milling machine looks like for the WWII time war, despite, the “Le Blond” manufacture still exists in the present day.


 The resin is in grey color, with a perfect casting and no bubbles at all as you can see in the photos.

All the resin pieces are easy to work out and quite simple to clean. The resin block is easily removed.




The milling machine main body is in one single piece, with high relief of the manufacture name: “Le Blond”.








This set also brings a little photo-etched sheet and a small decal sheet that are mainly for handles and plates respectively.



The instructions are on a small single sheet, in both sides, with some minimum drawings that are just right and are quite helpful.




I do not understand anything about milling machine and her components.

What I can really say is that Plusmodel achieved another winner by creating a detail model replica of industrial machinery that would look fantastic on any factory or industrial diorama like those from Miniart.







(35 resin pieces and 27 Photo-etched)

Catalogue n.º 440

Price tag: 30,90$ (21,70€) – directly from Plusmodel.



On the overlook of this set you got quite a good amount of resin, small photo-etched and two wires.





Some of the resin is very very delicate and need to work with care to not be broken, like the radio table legs, so novice modeler may have some difficulty on this point.




So you will get two switchboards models, two small benches, one support radio table and bench tower with several draw sizes and a coil. On the top, one EE-8 WW2 type field telephone.





 (at least it looks to me like one of these, below the switchboard)









The BD 71






And the BD72




            You got with this set the perfect replica of these two switchboards.


            You will have to put lots of wires on the one, and that is the second reason that I cannot advice the novice modeler to try this one out. All the cable connections and wire to make telephones connection must be have into it… So you better have a good lead wire stock.




            The switches itself are in the photo-etched parts and the resin part are the main structure, with the details of the radio structure where you will attach the front panel with all the switches, this one in photo-etched.





The photo-etched sheet is with great detail and engraving and it was made by Hauler to Plusmodel. This sheet has the sides of the coil, the switchboards and other smaller details.


You also will get a coil that can be a part of this set on diorama or simply goes very well by itself, along in another completely different scenario… Just leave to your imagination.




            The last reason for that I cannot advice this set to the novice modeler is that you will need to scratch for wire the legs for the benches and for the support table. This looks like quite a hard job to get, but probably it isn`t.



At first look I must say that this is one of the most challenge set from Plusmodel.

No because of the resin blocks to remove or the photo-etched, but the need of scratch the benchs legs and the “tons” of wire that will have to be put on, put this set only to the average modeller.

This set is a complex set that is not to the novice modeller, however will be perfectly accessible to the average modeler with a very satisfactory result.

  These two sets have high details, with huge application in almost any scenario of war.




(3 resin pieces)

Catalogue n.º EL065

Price tag: 4,60$ (3,30€) – directly from Plusmodel.

The Easyline is, just by the name, an easy and unexpensive set that can give a touch or detail that you are looking for your diorama.

The Plusmodel intention on Easy line is to put out to the market more-affordable accessories with a generic applicability.





This one falls perfectly in this concept. Simple mounting almost like legos, almost no cleaning...

Is the “fast food” of aftermarkets but with all the quality of the gourmet one.


Once again, and being repetitive, these three small sets of accessories for dioramas translate well Plusmodel philosophy: originality, quality and versatility.

The quality is of the highest level, with casting flawless, no distortion or bubbles with easy removal resin blocks.

If we can say for sure that the Milling Machine is for the average modeler (the toilet is for every single modeler), the US Telephones are for a more experience modeler because of the delicate resin parts and the amount of wires to put on and mainly because of the scratch of the bench`s legs.


Very Highly recommended.


With my sincere thanks to Plusmodel for this review sample. To purchase directly, click this link.


Francisco Guedes



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