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1/32 Aim 9-P Sidewinder set


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1/32 AIM-9P Sidewinder set

Mk1 Design, (KA Models)

Catalogue Number MA-32003

Available from Hobby Link Japan USD $24.46




For those of you who want the ultimate in weaponry for your F-14-15-16 or Phantom etc., are invited to have a browse over this update set. This set of Resin, PE, Decals and turned aluminium parts will build up into the ultimate 1/32 replica of two AIM-9P Sidewinders.


Once unpacked, this is how all the lovely resin looks. Note a couple of the fins have become separated from their casting block, but there's no damage to the parts whatsoever. Note the set includes the nose covers which is a nice touch.




Upon closer inspection we can see there are a couple of small bubbles present, but these will be taken care of with a spot of Mr Putty.




The PE fret, measures 56 x 15mm and the decal sheets measure 56 x 40mm.




PE fret close up shows the etched detail for the banding and tail support bars.




The main turned bodies of the missiles are simply superb. Not only are they turned from lightweight Aluminium but there is also drilled detail for fin location and surface detailing. The smaller parts are the exhausts.




Imagine how good this will look under a wash!!




Finally we look at the instruction sheet, which is simple but perfectly adequate for the set. No painting guide is included.




All in all, this is a lovely set that will take more effort than, say, a resin set, but I'm sure will look as good if not better? Dimensionally they appear to be accurate according to the length I found on Wikipedia.


Thanks to Hobby Link Japan for the review samples.



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