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1/35 Mi-24V Hind-E Cockpit Detail set


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1/35 Cockpit Detail set for Trumpeter Mi-24V Hind E Helicopter


Part Photo Etch Poland


Catalogue Number S35-017

Available from JADAR-MODEL.s.c. for USD$15,40



Part, a Polish PE manufacturer for all scales and genre's of scale models, make PE sets for many kits and are well respected in the world of modelling. I have heard of them being described as the Aber PE for aircraft? There's no pre printed parts or self adhesive parts, but the sets they make are very nice indeed.


The Trumpeter kit, number 05103. It's one of Trumpeters best  large scale kits available in my opinion.




PE make four sets of PE for the 1/35 Trumpeter Mi-24V kit, Weapons, Exterior, Cabin Interior and Cockpit Interior.




So, onto this set, the comprehensive cockpit set. as mentioned earlier, there's no pre-painted PE or self adhesive parts, but the multi layered construction of the panels and locations for plastic rod switches and knobs will guarantee a very 3 dimensional cockpit indeed. With the glazing and door open on the finished model, all this work will pay dividends.




Once we unpack the small 85 x 130mm packaging we find all this inside. There are over 200 PE parts in this set alone!! The main fret measures 61 x 123mm.




Upon closer inspection we can see how 3 dimensional the panels are. they will take some skill to paint, but will look incredible if well done.




At the top of the main fret we can see these beautifully etched panels.




The centre section of the fret... note the multi layer parts and holes and slots for switch gear.




The second, smaller fret measuring 56 x 30mm contains 25 parts and carries on with the beautiful etch work found on the main fret.







The clear acetate sheet is printed with all the gauges and dials. It measures 48 x 90mm and has 22 separate parts. Once painted behind with white paint it will really pop.




The instructions are very small, being made from one sheet of A4, folded in half to give four sides of A5 instructions. There is no colour and the printing could be better, but none of the instructions are illegible.


page one, showing the frets laid out and dealing with sub assemblies. Note the bottom left corner shows how the lovely switch panels will be assembled.




Moving on to page 2 we can see the main instrument panel coming together and the gunners side panel and pilots starboard console.




Page 3 covers the pilots port side panel, more IP work and some canopy details.




Page four covers the main assembly of all the parts into the kit fuselage. Surprisingly, no harnesses are included???




In summary, this is a lovely set which will take a lot of work, but will be well worthwhile in my opinion. The fact that there are no belts included is a little disappointing, I guess I'll have to get the Eduard set as well??


Thanks to my pocket for buying this set. I  purchased my sets from Model-art .eu.. The postage for all four sets was only £3.50 and they arrived, beautifully packaged in only three days!!


Highly Recommended


Watch this space for the other three sets reviews.

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The Trumpy Hind was a kit I planned to do ages ago, but held back for apparent lack of aftermarket.


Looks like I might now have to resurrect the idea ;)


Thanks for the review. Bookmarked!

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