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Modern resin ex Cromwell models

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Earlier this week I found out that the guys at Castoff models are going to be doing the Challenger 2 TES and Warrior WRAP conversion sets, it  seems that Gordon of Cromwell models is getting out of 1/35 scale and the guys at Castoff are trying to save what moulds they can, I have pre ordered a Challenger 2 TES and will most certainly be having the WRAP as well.

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No it is in fact a pretty straightforward conversion,if you can look at a copy of Military Modelcraft International November 2011 there is an article on doing the conversion using Cromwells kit, not sure about the WRAP though, Cromwell also had a Mastiff kit as well if they could get hold of that I would be a very happy man.

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Now, that's an interesting bit of news…I built Gordons Ferret Mk 1 a few years back, still one of the nicest bits of casting I ever seen. I've been interested in the Cougar MRAP for a few years as well..mmmm


Thanks for the tip.



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