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Scrap Parts Box (Vintage)


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I just wanted to post some pics of my "stash" of leftover vintage model parts and pieces. I think these bits and pieces are a treasure trove, and will help me with parts for any scratch-building i need to do. I'm glad I never threw it out!


This is also an opportunity for me to "test" posting pictures into the forums.  :thumbsup2:


My dad's old tackle box, which I used for parts storage:




Scraps, bits and pieces and various other parts... mostly 1/48, but also 1/35 and 1/32...




Lots of figures.




See anything you recognize?



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These are all surviving parts of kits, or extra parts, that I have hung on to since I was a kid. I also bought some divider bins to semi-categorize the parts (but I have yet to do that yet). This will make things easy to find when I need to scratch parts.

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Better save these parts as they will come in handy now and then. I once sorted a large amount of spare parts into

usable and not usable.........You guessed it, I threw out the wrong box. Oh well.

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