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1/35 M36 Truck Gun Ring Mount with M2 Browning Gun


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1/35 M36 Truck Gun Ring Mount with M2 Browning Gun


LZ Models


Catalogue Number 35442

Available direct from LZ models at €15.00




Following my Review of the lovely Mirror Models Diamond T Wrecker and on-going Build, I would like to share with you a little aftermarket accessory set from LZ models, Libor's sister company to Mirror Models.


If you decide not to use the Soft Top option, you may decide you'd like to add a little aggression to your soft skin Wrecker by adding this M36 Gun Ring Mount? In fact, this ring mount could be used on other trucks also...





As you can see, the detail offered in this update set is nothing short of brilliant!! Note the finely cast clamps at the base of the tubes, also of note are the nut and bolt heads.


The set arrives packaged in a 90 x 130mm sealed bag, with the resin parts wrapped in Bubble wrap. My sample arrived direct from LZ models in Ireland totally undamaged.There is no evidence of any bubbling or major distortion.




The set contains 16 resin parts, plus 36 lovely little bolt heads, attached to their casting bloc in groups of 12.




There is also a small PE fret containing 11 parts and measuring 55 x 12mm. the PE fret is sealed on both sides with plastic film, which I personally like very much as it prevents the parts being "picked" off the fret when slid along a surface and also helps prevent satisfying the hunger of the dreaded carpet monster. You also get a small piece of wire in the set.




The cast detail on the resin parts is up there with the best aftermarket suppliers, note the well cast breech and cooling jacket on the barrel shown here.




Some more close up detail on the mounting arms and ancillaries.




Bolt head detail on the ring itself.




The instructions are included as a colour printed double sided A4 sheet of paper. They are very clear and even include an original period drawing of the gun ring mount.






So there you have it, a reasonably priced upgrade for your Mirror Models Diamond T or other Allied Truck kit, although this set is designed to be fitted to the Diamond t 969A Wrecker with soft top, as shown in the instructions. 


Thank you very much to Libor from Mirror/LZ models for this review sample. Watch this site for a build feature soon.


Highly recommended.

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