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Homemade decals


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Has anyone upscaled decals before. I want to upscale 1/72 decals to 1/32 scale as the subject I am interested isn't available in 1/32. I'm guessing scanning the originals, then using some form of graphic software to enlarge then re-print on decal paper, but would appreciate any experienced advice.

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Yep, you're going the wrong way unfortunately. Scaling down is more do-able.

However it can be done to some degree. Rather expensive image editing software

like Adobe Illustrator CS6 has tracing functions that can basically turn a raster image

(like your scanned 1/72 sheet) and turn it into a vector image which would then be

resizeable to any scale. You'd have to start with a high resolution scan like 600dpi

or higher and small details like data stencils might not work out so well but it is possible

with today's technology. Not easy but do-able.

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