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Painting Guide for AFV WWII and Modern Era - Jose Luis Lopes Ruiz


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ISBN: 978-2-35250-387-3




As soon I saw this title been announce, I had to have it!

I always been a fan of José Ruiz`s works and I had the pleasure to meet him personally back in 2012, in Modelscala, the large scale modelling exhibition in Portugal.

See José Ruiz workshops are a real pleasure and very informative ones.

He`s a great guy and a fantastic modeler, that answer all the questions and doubts.




This book is a most welcome one for all AFV modeler because de Author has gain deservedly notoriety due to several publications in various magazines modeling, with an exceptional quality of work.


The book is organized in several chapters and with a very quick look, this one is from novice to advanced modeler.





The first chapter is a summary well done on materials used by the author, in their models, starting with the primary, what to use and how to use them

Then goes for inks, paints for dividing into airbrush and brush and enamel paints and explaining their use, how to use and the purposes of each of the particular weathering and painting details.


Simple and very effective suggestions, essentials for obtaining a good result. Of course and how well the author emphasizes, the brands themselves are personal preferences of the author, although they are also my favorite.

Here you have a useful chart table equivalences between Gunze, Vallejo (PA) and Tamiya.


The following is the sub-chapter Washes, which concisely, the application of this technique with their materials. Starting with some introductions and techniques and their applications.


One that caught my attention: no acrylics washes! My kind of guy! ;)


The following sub-section is considered by the author himself as the most important chapter of the Book, he says: "(...) oils are for my way of modeling id is like breathing air (...). So, honestly, this is the most important art of this book."


So this sub-sections has a really good chart table that indicates to the modeler the oil color (brand) and what effects They are for. Really nice guideline!




Then get the author described the fading, directional weathering with oils and zenithal techniques.




The next chapter is Varnishes. I thought that there`s was not much to say but I as really wrong.

Besides the varnishes general use, the author show two techniques, quite simple, to achieve a nice weathering effects like rainmark or dirt over the glass (I really want to try this one).

Next is pigments. Well here in fact, no much is said but a table chart of what for color pigments is quite welcome.




Continuing the book, you will get a Special Products sub-chapter with graphite, metal Burnishing, hair spray and texture paint (this one is really new for me) that show in an easy way how to use those products, in a very brief text and a step-by-step illustration to help you out to get the same results.




Old and new concepts of painting AFV`S is the next full chapter where José Ruiz do some brief considerations about the use of airbrush as an essential tool now a days and a full chart general basis what for, with all the step on AFV painting, like priming, base color, to sealing, washes filters, with the brand, what`s for and the precautions to have and another chart advance painting.




 Very useful on any bench.


Now, and for me, the main reason I bought this book: Black and White technique.

Here, everything is black and white, and the concept, all the step necessary, step by step pictures and also a very top general basic painting B&W chart table. Resuming, everything with need to know to start trying and practice the B&W technique.






Next chapter is “Time to Work” where we can see step by step of several works from the José Ruiz, with all the techniques and concepts on the book.

I do love José Ruiz work`s, but my full attention goes to the “White Tiger” and to the M1070 Light Medium Tactical Vehicle, my favorite on this book.





 In the end, a full gallery of José Ruiz`s outstanding works.








In sum, this book is quite outstanding. The text is quite simply, very comprehensive and gives you a real will go to the bench and try all techniques.

The print quality is very good, on glossy paper.

All the steps are well explained using the illuminating photos.

The different tables with different functions of each material or technique are, beyond doubt, a great help and something to always have on hand in the workbench.

All the modeler can and should with this book to venture into new techniques ... I know I will.

The lowest point is some spelling typos easily detectable in a quick read (like sastifying or form when it should be from).

In short, the book is suitable for the novice modeler to the advance modeler, and is useful in any countertop with dozens of useful tips, easy to follow and great advices and great table charts.


Highly Recommend


Francisco Guedes



A special thanks to me and my bank account for this review sample

To purchase this directly, click THIS link.


If you found this review helpful and decide to purchase this product, please tell them you read about it at Large Scale Modeller!


Disclaimer: all photos all in low quality to preserve and prevent all copyright.

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