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  1. cool, can you share some more pictures, especially of the wings? I would like to see the Drooling bulldog colours in action.
  2. can you guys recommend similar,b ut better sites?
  3. I'm done with this one, it was a blast building it, but now I need something a bit less complicvated. Best regards, Sasho
  4. The repair is done, the last parts are ready and just have to be mounted and this one is ready. Next update with finished pictures best regards, Sasho
  5. Great start, really, I will be keeping an eye on your build and well I also am I bit envious, because for some time I dream of a MFH kit, but they are too damn expensive!
  6. I got some worjk done lately and I am fast approaching the finish line Here are some pictures:
  7. I got the stand from some guy on FB, I can check his name if you are interested, just let me know if I should look for it!
  8. Hello and Happy New Year , well the new year came, I got a damn flu and my plan of finishing this build during the holiday went to dust. I was able to just today do some work on the plane and meanwhile my beloved one was able to drop it on the floor and do some damage. The worst is on the undercarriage, where the "fork" for the front wheel is missing and I can't find it. I will have to scratch something or order a new parts from WnW....well I will try scratching it first. There were some damage on the struts, but I was able to repair it somewhat, not fully but good enough. Well this is a g
  9. Great X-wing,you can still hollow the gun barrels. It will be looking even better
  10. Danny, have you tought aboyt using tissue instead of foil? You put it in diluted white glue and then on the required pkace and paint after it is dry. just an idea
  11. Excellent Pfalz, one of the most beautiful "shark" like German scouts and you definitely have done it justice!
  12. Beautiful, I love the greek camo and this one is executed perfectly!
  13. Hello guys and gals, Merry Christmass and happy new year, I wish all the best to everyone and their families! There was no update for quite some time as I was working on the rigging and it is nearly done - I have to attach the elerons, the tail and the steering cables connecting them Then the armament and the tail skid nd it will be finished! Here are the latest pictures:
  14. Hello, and thank you for the good words! It is time for a new update, after the engine and the fuselage I painted the wings, those things are big and have a lot of struts and bits. I have the external details PE freat and intend to use it. SO I removed all the applicable details from the wings and painted them with Tamiya and Mr.Hobby Color acrylics. There were several layers with different shades of every color for variability. A gloss coat, the decals and a semi gloss coat followed. The struts (not shown on a picture) and the tail frame followed, painted again like the cockpit with
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