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WnW Albatros D.v question


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First, forgive me for not knowing the exact names of the wing support components, but I'll try my best to explain.


So far I've attached the lower wing(s) to the fuselage with no problem, then attached the outside supports to the lower wing and attached the upper wing to them. Here's where I have my issue.


While test fitting the inner supports, I noticed that the upper wing seems to be mounted too far rearward. If I mount the supports to the wing, I need to pull the wing towards the rear of the aircraft to get the supports to line with the fuselage mounting holes. Has anyone else had a similar problem?


So far my options are to;


1) Pull the wing in line carefully and hope the outer supports don't snap, then tape it in place, mount the inner supports then pray it all holds.

2) Line everything up as I have it, fill in the old fuselage mounts, and creat new mounting holes.

3) carefully try to remove the outer supports and try again.


Any help would be appreciated. I already tried leaving it alone and ignoring it, but that didn't make the problem go away....

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I'm inclined to agree, Matt. So far, the few problems I've had, have all been self-induced. Funny how 20 years ago I would have been frustrated and shelved it. Now I look at these setbacks as challenging puzzles!

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