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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

Fokker DVII(ALB) Carl Degelow Jasta 40


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I am going to take part in this, been begging to do the DVII next and this seems perfect opportunity.


Ill update this thread with details of the aircraft etc as soon as I have decided....


I am just a tad scared now.....



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Aye theres loads and I am in an area outside of my usual com for zone, so.....


I am undecided whether to go for nice Garrish colour scheme or do a nicely faded lozenge type


Decisions decisions



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Right decision made, been a while, but I have been away to FigureWorld, a figure model show ran in the UK, 


Heres the culprit Its Th Fokker DVII(ALB) of Carl Degelow Jasta 40


Just need to buy it now :)


Going to get some Faded Decals for the Lozenge





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