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Trumpeter Swordfish Mk.I

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Hiya Folks,

                  As requested here is another from the back list,.....this is the Trumpeter Swordfish Mk.I and it has been built as an aircraft embarked upon HMS Illustrious in the Mediterranean during 1940 which would have taken part in the raid on Taranto harbour had it not crashed on take off on the morning of the raid due to sea water in the petrol tank, a problem which had claimed a number of aircraft during the lead up to the raid, caused by damage to the ships aviation fuel tanks! 


It was built from the box but with a combination of Xtradecal and spares box decals, whilst the under wing codes were masked and hand painted. The model was hand painted by brush using White Ensign enamel Sky Grey, Polly Scale acrylic Dark Slate Grey and Humbrol acrylic 123 Extra Dark Sea Grey with lighter colours mixed for the top of the lower wing.




The hardest part of the build was the rigging using the etched parts supplied in the kit as most of these pinged off whilst trying to attach the completed wings to the model, so I would advise rigging the model once the wings are attached!!! The control lines for the tail and the radio mast were made using Aeroclub elastic monofilament thread.
Oh yeah..nearly forgot....as the Mk.I kit does not supply any bomb racks or light stores carriers for under the wings (which the more recent Mk.III does!), a series of holes were drilled into the appropriate places and plastic rod was inserted to replicate the attachment points for these items.
Hope you like it, all the best
Tony O 

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