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Trumpeter 1/32 Ju 87B-2 and SC 50 Bombs...

Derek B

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Something that I have noticed in my particular Trumpeter Ju 87B-2 kit (which was factory sealed) is that the weapons sprue (WC) only has enough parts to make two SC 50 bombs. The instruction sheet requires four SC 50 bombs to be made up for the (incorrect) underwing ETC racks. I know that one other person has also checked a new Trumpeter Ju 87B-2 and has found the same discrepiancy - is this a common shortfall? (in which case there is another SC 50 sprue missing or they have dropped a blob!).



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Hi Derek


I think early boxings just missed the extra sprue out - I have heard from some who have bought the B-2 kit that they did indeed get all the required sprues.

There are no such issues with the R-2 kit (I have this one and it's ok, and haven't heard anything about it in this regard).


Hope this helps?

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