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Eagle Editions Supermarine Spitfire Mk1.a Decals 1/32

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1/32 Spitfire Mk.1a decals

Eagle Editions
Catalogue # EC#157
Available from Eagle Editions for $19.50










Here at Scale Plastic and Rail were definitely fans of the new Revell 1/32 Spitfire MkII (check out our review here), sure it has some accuracy issues but nothing that can't be fixed with some good old fashioned MODELLING! It represents huge value for money, chuck in a few aftermarket parts and you'll have the makings of a real show stopper.


One burning question I posed when I originally reviewed the kit was that surely a Mk1 Spit would have been more marketable? It's not a huge leap from a MkII to a Mk1 and almost as if in preparation for the inevitable aftermarket releases Eagle Editions have wasted no time and released a Decal sheet that's got the subject covered!




Presented in the traditional re-sealable poly bag we have full colour instructions with art work by the renowned artist Thomas A Tullis, two decal sheets are provided containing the national insignia and unique markings for each aircraft and also stencils for one aircraft.




First impressions are that Eagle Editions (EE) seem to of used a lower grade paper for the instructions than I have been used to from their previous releases, more of a satin finish than the glossy type I expected; for me this has a slight detrimental effect on the Art work and I don't think the printer resolution does Mr Tullis's art work justice. The profiles themselves are excellent and show a real cross section of Battle Era Spitfires, although Dark Earth & green are the flavour of choice whether you like it or not.






The decal sheets themselves make up for the satin finish of the instructions, in fact they are so glossy I struggled to photograph them without any glare! Proudly proclaiming "Printed by Cartograf made in Italy" they are as you would expect perfectly in register with strong bold colours, the medium sea grey codes are just the right shade as is the red of the roundels which is separate thus avoiding any problems with register; with some markings a choice of colour options is provided letting you decide which to use based on your own research.




The decals do appear slightly thick but SP&R's illustrious leader James Hatch has used EE's earlier MkII sheet and found they settle down nicely with use of setting solutions, the stencils are clearly printed and even the smallest lettering is perfectly readable and in the correct font for the period.






Despite the limited choice of camouflage schemes during that period EE have certainly managed to choose some interesting schemes with lots of combat history between them, each has its subtle differences and they exhibit no less than three styles of fuselage roundels, the 610 squadron example has the early black/white undersides used for recognition at the start of the war and Al Deere's machine had the blunt Rotol spinner that EE plan to release themselves in the near future.


The schemes provided are:

  • AZ-H Dirty Dick 234 Sqn P/O Richard Hardy
  • KL-B Kiwi II 54 Sqn Al Deere
  • QV-K 19Sqn S/L Brian Lane/ F/L Walter Lawson
  • DW-Q 610 Sqn F/O Albert Medcalf




The detailed instructions provide a short history of each aircraft with the subtle idiosyncrasies pointed out to you for each example, Al Deere's aircraft is possibly the most accurate depiction yet and benefits from EE's own Jerry Crandell's interviews with Al Deere himself.






A four view line drawing is provided to show the position of each stencil and on the rear of the sheet colour top and bottom views show the location of the wing roundels.




Eagle Editions certainly do their Homework, despite the Spitfire being a popular subject with acres of off the shelf references available some companies fail when it comes to the finer details so it's great to see a thoroughly researched decal sheet that meets the demands of modellers today. Battle of Britain era Spitfires will always be a popular subject and this will no doubt be a huge seller for EE, I understand they have an accurate oil cooler due out soon and also the blunt Rotol spinner so us RAF modellers have never had it so good in this scale!


Highly Recommended.


Our sincere thanks to Eagle Editions for the review sample. To buy directly, click THIS link.


Ben Summerfield






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