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1:32 AMC DH.9 interior (for Wingnut Wings kit)

James H

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1:32 AMC DH.9 interior (for Wingnut Wings kit)
Catalogue # 132123
Available from HGW for 159 Kč








HGW's collaboration with Eduard is well-known, and for a long time, we've seen a good stream of upgrade detail sets from this Czech company, and also their own version of Eduard's BIGED sets, where a modeller can buy all the related sets for a specific model, at a reduced price. Today we take a look at a set designed to upgrade the cockpit of Wingnut Wings' recent AMC DH.9 release. That actual kit was reviewed HERE.


As per the recent seatbelt sets we took a look at, this set is also packaged into an attractive, slim sleeve which is reinforced with a rigid card insert. A single, small photo etch fret is attached to the black satin face paper within the packet, and a sheet of folded instructions are included to the rear.


This release is one of HGW's simply sets, designed to complement an already excellent plastic cockpit. You really don't need to do much to the WNW kit, and this is reflected in this upgrade. The focal point for this interior set is the instrument panel, and more than half of the parts included are destined to end up there. To install this, you much grind away the moulded detail on the plastic instrument panel, leaving a smooth face. I would also reduce the thickness of the panel itself by the equivalent thickness you will add, by means of the etch replacement.




The first step, once you apply the metal face to the plastic part, will be to add the wood-grain detail you wish to add. A perfect candidate for this is the Uschi van der Rosten or HGW wood decal product, as the surface, without bezels, is completely flat. Once done, you then need to add some backing discs to the etched instrument locations, followed by the WNW instrument decals which will sit atop these. These will then be followed by the numerous bezels which can first be airbrushed before assembly. A few other minor details are also then to be added.


Other cockpit detail includes various sidewall equipment, such as throttle/mixture quadrants. You will need to add a little thin wire or plastic rod to these to act as control cables for these various items. Lastly, a set of leather straps are included, which you'll fit to the rudder pedals.




The instruction sheet is very typically 'Eduard' in style, with line drawings being supplied for the various assembly stages, and coloured ink to denote newly fitted parts and those that require surgery. Nothing here will be difficult.


A very simple and affordable upgrade path which will ultimately produce a great looking instrument panel for your DH.9, and throw a few extra refinements into the mix too. Everything here could be achieved by a novice too. There really wasn't much to do to improve the DH.9, but HGW still found a few areas that they could work their magic on.


Highly recommended


My sincere thanks to HGW for this review sample. To purchase directly, click THIS link.


James H




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