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Wingnut Wings 1/32 Fokker DVII (Alb) "2" Otto Creutzmann & Josef Raesch, J43

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Wingnut Wings Fokker DVII (Alb) kit, Taurus valve train, springs, plugs, and manifold nuts, HGW seat belts, Doug Craner Wolff prop, Gaspatch turnbuckles and Anemometer, Master MG15/08 jackets and barrels, RB Productions radiator grills, and Aviattic lozenge (4 colour faded) and a few modifications and scratch built bits and bobs.


Despite being a stunning scheme there appears to only be a single photograph of this airframe, to which I have speculatively attached the serial 655/18, being in the correct range and near other airframes in the unit. It featured a crude repair immediately behind the cowing that had loosened the fabric, and a Hebel flare gun protruding through the side of the cockpit. I have not added a flare rack as research suggests captured French flare bags were the preferred option.






















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