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  1. Comrade, you are mistaken! There is no graphite on this the roof! Cheers, Wolf
  2. What a fantastic piece of work Jeroen! Very interesting subject. Cheers, Wolf
  3. Hi Peter, Simply incredible work! A true masterpiece in every sense of the word. I don't know if this is a detail you were aware of so I posted the pic below. It shows the two small springs that retain the wheel bearing dust cap. If you haven't already you might want to add these to your build. Cheers, Wolf
  4. Hey Harv, nice work my friend! I assume the wings fold in but landing that bugger with that suspension must be a real bugger! It does have wings......right? Cheers, Wolf
  5. Absolutely Harv, extremely elegant lines for a prop liner. From the tip of the nose, the arched fuselage, to the triple tail vertical stabs, she was one sharp lookin’ lady! Cheers, Wolf
  6. Hey Smitty, how goes it? Having a blessed Christmas I hope! Cheers, Wolf
  7. I have to agree with Hubert on this one. After the Concorde, the Connie, and for it’s day, the 262. Without a doubt the B-58 has a place here too. I’ll never forget my flight on Concorde in 1986. Pure magic. Cheers, Wolf
  8. Merry Christmas to you all. Wishing everyone much Happiness, HEALTH, and Prosperity for the New Year! Cheers, Wolf who’s just outside of Edmonton for Christmas this year.
  9. So sorry Jeff! We've had to say good bye to two of our dogs so far and it absolutely breaks your heart. We currently have one left but he's going to be 15 years old in November. I'm not looking forward to the certain eventuality he'll have to be let go too but he's still doin' alright for now. My wife says this is our last dog as she's not going to go through the pain of loss again after he's gone. It sucks, it royally sucks, so I understand exactly how you feel! My thoughts are definitely with you and your wife. Cheers, Wolf
  10. Jeroen, you may not want to remove the vents on your model without a bit more investigation. If removing the metal heat shields eliminated the vents then the depressions stamped in to the heat shields, which form the vents, would have simply butted against the solid wood surface of the wing. What purpose then would the stamped depressions creating the vents have served? Does what I say make sense? It's definitely a head scratcher. Maybe Rick knows someone at Silverhill that can shed some light on this? Cheers, Wolf
  11. Fantastic piece of work Jeroen! Brilliant weathering and great subject matter as well. Rick's photos leave me with a few questions though. If the area behind the exhaust was sheeted in heat resistant metal to protect the laminated wood structure all the way back to the trailing edge, why is the trailing edge of the fuselage looking so distressed? Have the metal panels been removed from the Horten at Udvar Hazy? I wonder if the delaminated trailing edge could be represented by layers of thin paper impregnated with CA, like cigarette rolling papers added a layer at a time and the edges then distressed with an X-Acto knife blade? Just thinking out loud here. Cheers, Wolf
  12. Looks great Carl! I used the Ryefield Models track links on my AFV late Tiger 1. The same as yours, three parts per link, five if you include each track pin. 96 links per side and it took me way longer than a single evening to do both sides but it was so worth the effort. They articulate just like the real thing with a natural drape over the road wheels and drive sprocket. It looks like the box top illustrated camouflage pattern for your model is very similar to the one I used as well. Lots of fun with the airbrush! Cheers, Wolf
  13. Lookin' good Harvey! A little light on the paint in the middle of the Jumos but it's coming together nicely. Ready for Chattanooga? Cheers, Wolf
  14. Counter tops in the bedroom? Harvey you old dog! Still a romantic after all these years eh? You and Bev have a fantastic Christmas and New Year! Cheers, Wolf
  15. C'mon Harv, you've assembled a few compressor blades and you're already tryin' t' figure out what parts you can leave out! You're not supposed to leave any of 'me out. That's why ZM gives 'em all to ya! .........and stay away from that distilled amber pickle sauce! This kit 'll be challenging enough all on it's own without the addition of the two seat conversion bits and the mind altering effects of the Devil's hooch. Remember, you've got less than a year if you want it ready for Chattanooga. Just remember, I'm pullin' for ya but you've got t' keep your stick on the ice! Cheers, Wolf
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