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  1. That looks awesome Rob! Love the contrasting colours in the interior. Very Sharp! Cheers, Wolf
  2. The cockpit floor has been finished and I’ve started adding some of the control lines for the rudder, elevators, and ailerons. I’m using 2lb (or in metric, line for little fish) fishing line and Bob’s Buckles micro tubing. The tubing I find absolutely essential (for me anyways)for securing the fishing line to the column and rudder pedals. The wood grain is decal material and I used 4 small rivets from Top Studio to represent fasteners securing the plywood floor to the metal tubular frame. One detail that stood out to me was the compass is moulded within it’s gimbal at an angle so that it sits
  3. Thank-you Tim, Mengnut just seemed to be the most appropriate term I could come up with, LOL! Cheers, Wolf
  4. Much appreciated Peter, I’ll keep ‘em comin’ as quickly as I can. Cheers, Wolf
  5. Thanks Gary, Unfortunately I tend to start more builds than I finish but this one won’t fall in to that category. I’m absolutely determined to see this one all the way through. Cheers, Wolf
  6. With the engine complete I started in on the cockpit and again it’s beautifully detailed. I decided to make a few small modifications though but certainly nothing too drastic. Just enough to add my own touch to the build. The accompanying photos and the notes inscribed within should show what I’ve done. The tachometer, that sits just below the ammunition container, has a kit supplied decal face while others were replaced with more accurate ones by Airscale. Cheers, Wolf
  7. Hey Ernie, good to hear from you! Meng’s plastic is a bit softer but not by much so it really isn’t an issue. You just have to be a little more careful when removing parts from the spruces. I use a fine razor saw with very little issues. There are a few small imperfections in the moldings. The most notable are at the bottom of the fuselage in line with the ground handling loops. Nothing a bit of sanding and a splash of Mr. Surfacer 500 can’t fix. All three Wings have a slight bow but that’s easily fixed by dunking them in hot water for a few minutes and then manually manipulating them str
  8. Thank-you Rob, The kit engine is beautifully moulded and definitely doesn’t need replacing. Especially when you consider most of it will be hidden behind the cowling. You won’t even get to see the back of it unless you turn the model upside down. Cheers, Wolf
  9. Thanks for checking’ in Peter! Always a pleasure hearing from you. Hopefully I’ll do this kit justice. Cheers, Wolf
  10. Thank-you Sir! That is the same kit I have with von Richthofen’s bust. I am going to build the Baron’s plane with the upper wing surface, wheels, struts, a portion of the upper fuselage and tail in red. 127/17. I’ll be using Aviattic’s aged streaked varnish decals. I ordered them before Aviattic released specific decals for this aircraft so it may not be 100% accurate but I wasn’t going to go to the expense of buying another decal sheet. Cheers, Wolf
  11. Thanks GazzaS, Two in the stash.......twice the fun eh? Cheers, Wolf
  12. This is my take on the Meng 1/32nd Fokker Dr. 1 I would like to dedicate this build to all the men and women at Wingnut Wings who found themselves without gainful employment after WnWs closed their doors. This kit has WnWs written all over it but unfortunately never made it to market under their banner so I’m very thankful that Meng decided to bring it in to production. I’ve started with the engine but unfortunately didn’t take any pics during it’s assembly. I added detail to the rocker arms, replaced the spark plugs with Taurus Models items, replaced the push rods with copper wires
  13. I love the camouflage pattern on this one Martin! What theatre of operation did this operate in? Awesome modifications my friend. Cheers, Wolf
  14. Wow Peter, What a great start. Despite your recent health issues creating challenges with mobility and dexterity it doesn’t look like you’ve missed a beat on this. Cheers, Wolf
  15. Hey Peter, It’s great to hear your feeling better, surviving Chemotherapy, and feeling motivated to get back on to the bench! That’s always a very encouraging sign. I look forward to seeing your wonderful skills applied to the Sufa. Stay safe, keep well, and please extend my regards to Diane. Cheers, Wolf
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