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  1. Counter tops in the bedroom? Harvey you old dog! Still a romantic after all these years eh? You and Bev have a fantastic Christmas and New Year! Cheers, Wolf
  2. C'mon Harv, you've assembled a few compressor blades and you're already tryin' t' figure out what parts you can leave out! You're not supposed to leave any of 'me out. That's why ZM gives 'em all to ya! .........and stay away from that distilled amber pickle sauce! This kit 'll be challenging enough all on it's own without the addition of the two seat conversion bits and the mind altering effects of the Devil's hooch. Remember, you've got less than a year if you want it ready for Chattanooga. Just remember, I'm pullin' for ya but you've got t' keep your stick on the ice! Cheers, Wolf
  3. Lookin' good Carl! I have to admit though, havin' the nose gear hangin' in the wind this early in the build, it would definitely be cause for concern. That's just me though......... Cheers, Wolf
  4. It's comin' along Harv. I wouldn't leave the front of the engine a flat finish but spray it a semi gloss. A gloss finish, in my opinion, would make it look too toy like. Don't forget to drill holes to accept your plug wires, two for each cylinder, and make sure you add the prop shaft. I think you're on the right track Harv but more importantly, it's your build, how does it look to you? Cheers, Wolf
  5. Believe it not Harv, Model Master enamel RLM 79 sand brown but any similar colour will do. Do yourself a favour though, paint your lengths of lead wire first, and then touch up any spots where the paint may have flaked off. Give my regards to Bev! Cheers, Wolf
  6. Hey Harvey, Martin is correct regarding the second row of pushrod tubes. HKM gives you two too many sets. There should only be one set at the front of the engine and another at the rear of the engine. Like he said, cut the pushrods tubes off of the ring as you'll need the ring for correct spacing of the engine components. He specifically said brake/break but I'm usually a little more surgical, LOL! With regards to the plug wires, the 0.6 braided line is definitely going to be too big. I'd use it for the flexible conduit between the magnetos and the ignition ring. For the actual individual leads to each spark plug, I checked, and I use 0.15 lead wire. Cheers, Wolf
  7. Yup, I can see this Harv, thanks for congratulations! Maru, you know you're only gonna make my head swell eh? LOL! Cheers, Wolf
  8. My best so far......and my favourite as well. Tamiya's big Spitfire Mk IXc Cheers, Wolf
  9. Maybe not very imaginative but my votes are for: Fokker Dr. 1 SPAD XIII Nieuport 17 Cheers, Wolf
  10. Very well done! Love the colour scheme and the Aviattic lozenge. Just got some of these decals myself and look forward to using them on WnW's Pfalz D IIIa. The weather looks perfect. Cheers, Wolf
  11. Johnny, have you managed to get a copy of the instructions for the BMW with sidecar kit? If not, I can help. I have the kit as well. Cheers, Wolf
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