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Sturmgeschütz Stug IV (Kagero Photosniper)


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Kagero Photosniper 13 (0013)

Sturmgeschütz IV

Publisher: Kagero

Written by: Lukasz Gladysiak, Grzgorz Okonski, Jacek Szafranski

Available from Kagero for € 19,86





As a modeller I’m always on the lookout for good reference material. For my models I prefer ww2 black and white photo’s for accuracy and inspiration, and modern detailed, well lighted colour shots for building reference. This book is 13th in line of Kagero’s excellent Photosniper range (after subjects like the Jagdpanther, BMW motorcycle and P40 Kittyhawk) and caters to the latter. It’s actually a very well documented walkaround and report on the restoration of one recovered Stug IV from the river Rgilewka in Poland. Personally I don’t trust restored vehicles in museums or collections that much. Often we assume aspects in their appearance to be right, because we see what we see. This book shows us exactly in what state this tank was found and what was done in order to get it to the pristine condition it is in today.



Design development

The first few pages take us through the development stages of the Stug IV backed up with some black and white photo’s. Personally I am pleased that this chapter doesn’t take up too much pages, since this just isn’t that kind of book. And by the way: if you’re interested in the development of this tank, there are other titles that cover that topic much more in depth.






Technical Description

In my humble opinion the same goes for this subject. We’re here for photo’s of the real thing! And luckily the technical data that is served here, is being backed up by nice photographs of the recovery of the Stug IV as it was found in the polish river. The state it which it was preserved was so good that the white balkenkreuz was still visible on the sides of the superstructure. As a matter of fact, after they pulled it out of the mud (which had protected it for so many years) it looked like it was still able to drive off…

Inside the tank about 50 rounds of ammunition were found, alongside weapons and other belongings of the tank’s crew.





This is what the book is all about. The carefully completely restored tank is now on display in the Armoured Weapon Museum in Poznan. Sporting a three tone camouflage scheme and complete range of accessories. Every corner and detail of the tank is covered in this section. Inside and outside.







In the final chapter 3D renderings and side profiles of the tank give us a number of colour options. 






Conclusion / Verdict

As said, as a modeller this is exactly the kind of book I’m always looking for. Invaluable reference for, if not now, future builds. The lay-out, set-up and quality of the photographs are high grade.


From 1 to 10 I’d rate this book a 9.


Very highly recommended



Our sincere thanks to Kagero for the review sample. To purchase directly, click HERE.


Jeroen Peters

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