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Panzerjäger 38(t) Hetzer (Kagero Photosniper 3D)


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Kagero Photosniper 3D #14 (0014)

Panzerjäger 38(t)

Hetzer & G-13

Vol. 1

Publisher: Kagero

Written by: Mariusz Motyka, Hubert Michalski, Mike Koenig, Stafan Draminski

Available from Kagero for € 20,65





I’ve always had a soft spot for the Hetzer tank. Compact and functional in design adorned with a wide variety of pretty cool camo schemes. This subject has been issued in ‘our scale’ by a couple of companies: Tamiya, Dragon and Academy to name a few. It’s not too hard to find good reference material as quite a number of examples survived the war and the fact that Switzerland used their G13 variant after the war. From the top of my head I can name about 3 museums in my vicinity that have one on show: The Army Museum in Brussels, Wings of Liberation Museum in Best (Netherlands) and the National Military History Museum in Diekirch (Luxemburg). Once a year the museum in Overloon (Netherlands) host a military vehicle show  where a driving / functional Hetzer can be seen and even be hitched a ride on.


So here we have a new reference book by Kagero on this little tankhunter. Taking the above into account, my expectations are high. Let’s go through the chapters and see what we get:


History and Development

The first few pages deal with the development of the Hetzer and Technical Information. These pages are accompanied with superb line drawings that are clearly made with the 3D model that was made for this book, showing the different Hetzer versions from different angles. This is a drawing style I haven’t seen before. The technical drawings with side and upper profiles are in 1/48 scale (clearly the modeller was in mind here).







Before we are taken to the 3D rendered images we get a large section with walk around photo’s made by Mike Koenig. The Hetzer we see here is a restored G13, but with all the details of an original german 38(t) version. This vehicle is owned by 2nd Armoured Productions in Clarksville, Indiana, USA. The walk around covers all the external details as well as the complete interior. The nice thing about this Hetzer is the very complete interior that serves as a great modellers reference. Paint, ammo, instruments… it’s all there. The fact that this Hetzer is still in driving condition gives us a good idea of the wear and tear on the wheels and suspension.









3D renderings

About half way through the book the 3D renderings pop up. I am familiar with Kagero’s high level detail 3D artwork from (amongst others) their Fokker DVII book, but these Hetzer renderings are something else. The cut away style we see on real engines or weapons is used, highlighting the cut-lines with red colour. Step by step the outer armour of the Hetzer is peeled away, revealing the interior in clear detail. This is what should please the modeller. After the renderings have taken us cross-section wise through the interior, the gun is shown separately from different angles. And last but not least we are treated to huge full page views of the interior. Honestly, these titles keep blowing me away.  












Conclusion / Verdict

If you have any plans of doing a Hetzer in the near or distant future, treat yourself to this book. All I can think of is that when these ultra detailed 3D drawings were ever used to 3D print a model, that would be pinnacle of armour modelling….


From 1 to 10 I’d rate this book a 10. That’s how much I like it J


Very highly recommended



Our sincere thanks to Kagero for the review sample. To purchase directly, click HERE.


Jeroen Peters

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