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Tamiya Spitfire Mk IX kit - late/early?


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Hello guys,


I've been toiling along with 48th and 72nd kits but I'm back with a great 32nd scale kit. I just received my Tamiya Mk IX Spitfire and want to get aftermarket decals for it. Can anyone tell me which aftermarket decals are correct for the version in the box? (e.g. 1/48 Eduard Nk IXc's come in "early' and "late" version boxings). Would some of the Barracuda set's markings be correct for this kit? How about the three Eagle Edition sets or the Kits-World set?










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As is the shape of the cowlings. The first IX examples were converted by Rolls royce. It all depends on what aircraft you want to build. Early or late is not very specific. There are also different wingvariants. The whole Spitfire designation is a bit of a complex matter. But an interesting one.



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I think Tamiya decals are misunderstood... I used say they were shitty too... But I actually found out the best way to apply them..


And that's by apply some heat to them with a hair dryer and rolling a cotton bud over the top to push out the air & water.


The Kill Flags and the stencils are Tamiya Decals and I had no silvering or air bubbles at all..




Same with this Mk.VII Spitfire



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