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Crew figures and turnbuckles for H-B W.12 early?


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I received the H-B W.12 for XMas and am gathering info and materials to start the build. I'm probably not going to superdetail it since it's my first WW1 plane build in a long time, but there are two things I wanted to add: nice rigging and some pilot/crew figures.


Any suggestions for turnbuckles to use for this plane? Ideally some that are relatively easy to use. I don't think I'm ready for microtubing, but I do want to have the look/ form of the turnbuckle at the end of the cable.


Also, any suggestions for pilot and crew figures for this machine? I don't think I'll do a whole display diorama, but I like to have guys sitting in the cockpit at least.


Thanks for any ideas!



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