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The Great LSP Twins Group Build Starts Jan 24, 2024 - End July 3, 2024 ×

Tamiya 1/35 M2 Bradley IFV with Interior

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Looking forward to building the Bradley. This will be my first armor buiuld with an interior!


















Bought these few items for the build!




Started building the lower hull and lift gate doors today, Actually had to sand injector pin marks and part number from parts 69 and 70 that would show when installed!!! Haven't run into that with Tamiya before!!




Installed all the parts lined out in steps 1-2-3 however left the circled parts such as road wheels etc until the end of the build.






Installed all the parts in steps 4-5 but again left the road wheels. The rear lift gate fit like a glove!!!
Also installed the interior floor and the two large poly caps which hold the two hull halves together so you can separate to show off the interior.
I'm going to wire the interior and make cushions for the seats!










This is going to be such a detailed kit, lol!!




Thanks to Arno I was able to print miniature maps and magazines for the interior of the Bradley!! Pretty cool!!




Finished steps 7/8 today and continued on with the interior build. The parts circled I'll detail and install later. Once I install all the interior parts I can I'll prime the upper and lower inside hull parts with white primer pre-shading with Tamiya XF-9 Hull Red and then applying a base coat mixture of XF-71 Cockpit Green and XF-2 Flat While.









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Finished step 9 this morning by building the side wall to the drivers compartment and the turret tub!






The interior spaces will look so cool when complete. I'm considering wiring two LED lights in the interior to show it off!



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Well after a long day at the hospital for Beth's tests I needed some quite bench time to reflect!!
Completed steps 10/11 which finishes the lower hull build. Once I complete step 12 I can begin the interior painting process!!
I also mapped out a 9V LED lighting plan for the interior using two green LEDs, a 100 ohm 1/8th watt resistor, a micro on/off switch and a 9V battery connector. Should look pretty cool!!




Driver and radio operators compartment.




Crew Compartment.




A view in the rear hatch.




Well back to it, lol!!

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Okay finished installing all the parts to the top interior hull in step 12 so it's off to the paint shop for both the upper and lower haul for priming, post shading and interior base coat!




Ready for priming!




Since my paint shop crew is off for the weekend I'm doing my own priming, post shading and interior base coat!! Hope I do it right, lol!!




lright primed both halves of the inner hull with white rattle can Home Depot primer I pre-shaded with Tamiya XF-9 Hull Red and XF-1 Flat Black. Once that dried I applied a base coat mixture of XF-71 Cockpit Green and X-2 White. I let that dry and then post shaded with X-2 adding a few drops of XF-71.




Spent a few hours this afternoon painting and detailing the interior. Still lots to go!!




Continuing on with the detailing of the interior. Just added some camouflage knapsacks and stowage bags for interest!
I camouflaged the stowage items using Taniya XF-10, XF-62, XF-49 and XF-1. I have many more that I'll attached on the outside hull!




I'm liking this!!! Time for a wash and then Future coat but that can wait until tomorrow!!



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Completed steps 13/15 last night and this morning. The rangefinder clear part was a bit fidgety and the smoke discharge system was just to small, lol, but all in all pleased with the turret assemble so far.
Painted the turret interior and inside hatch covers with Tamiya XL-71 Cockpit Green to match the interior also.





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Well today I hope to get all the small bits on the hull before closing everything up and sending the Bradley off to the paint shop for priming with tan rattle can primer, pre-shading with Tamiya XF-9 Hull Red and possibly a base coat mixture of XF-59 Desert Yellow and XF-57 Buff with a few highlights of XF-49 Khaki.




A cold rainy windy day here in Georgia means lots of enjoyable bench time. Did a bit of scratch built brass grill and stowage basket detail this morning. The brass will look better than the black mesh included with the kit!




Completed front hull grill.




Brass basket looks better!!



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Finished step 17/18 adding all but the tools and a few small items I'll add after paint.






Headed to the paint shop for priming and pre-shading!!




Primed and the paint crew also painted the road wheels flat black so I guess I'll be painting hubs tonight, lol!!




Finished pre-shading with Tamiya XF-9 Hull Red and a few areas with XF-49 Khaki.




Once the pre-shading dries the paint shop crew sprayed a light coat of XF-59 Desert Yellow and a post shading coat of XF-57 Buff.




Ok I really like the effects the paint shop crew was able to achieve. Looks real sandy!!




Looks good with the rear hatches open.
Well on to the road wheels!!



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