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Decal sets for 109 G6 with gunpods and Wfr.Gr 21?


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Hi guys,


Since I have the Eduard Brassin sets for both, I'm looking for matching decal sets to actually build those 109s.


So far I have only one possible option....the Karl Heinz Rammelt G6 equipped with gunpods.

Udine, Italy, december 1943. Found in the Osprey Viermot Aces book.

I can use the Revell decals for this one. Although it's a pretty neat scheme, I'm looking for something less beaten to death.


Also eager to build one with the Wfr. Gr 21 rockets.


Are there any decal sets available? I searched for them, but no luck so far.





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You can do Graf's machine which was sometimes equipped with rockets with this Eagle Editions set:




Plus these:




Also check out the Montex Mask website they've got masks for a few rocket equipped machines.

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Hi Rob,  


Cutting Edge have a couple of options for G-6 + gunpods



CED32025 Gustav Aces Part 1



CED32032 Friedrichs & Gustavs  - has another JG 3 machine


Can find them on Amazon eg. 



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Received the HAD set with the  JG 53 "white 17"
So the Wfr.Gr 21 equiped G-6 is covered now.

Decent, but basic set of decals. That's okey, only need the "17" and the "spade".
Photo taken directly underneath the tubelight of my magnifying lamp..made the film of the 17 look pretty bad...the lighting did this.

I'll cut away the film nonetheless.


Will start this when I finished the G-10, E-3 and Spit...so will take a while.


Thanks again guys.






edit: by the way, still no reply from EagleCals

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