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  1. Haggis is available in the Netherlands. From the disgusting canned haggis to the very ok frozen MacSweens. Some butchers make fresh haggis also.
  2. I'm a MacLaren...Dutch? yes..Scottish? also! A Burns supper gala in Dumfries....2009 or so. (the kilt is the Isle of Skye tartan. I own several, but this is my wife's favorite...and she's the boss )
  3. I now picture my Hannants parcel smuggled north.. over Hadrians Wall...avoiding mobs of border reivers and patrolling redcoats, passing a Highlander accompanied by Sean Connery wielding a katana and Mel Gibson with blue face paint. To make things worse...Robert Burns was a tax man. The future route of my parcels will be full of adventures!
  4. Well....no. They have a lot, but not everything. Also...Aviation Megastore only has stuff with or for wings. I love to visit them, but I dislike their webshop. What I know...must pay 21% btw (vat) between 22 and 150 euros. Above 150 also import duties. Looks like I payed 9 euros btw and 10 euros administration cost. So a cheap parcel is relatively more expensive, because of the administration cost. I'll be more careful with what I order next time...and from where
  5. In with a Meng A7V or Panzershop Mk. I (male)
  6. lol...I order a lot from Hannants...I fear the moment when I also have to pay import duties when I order something from Brexitistan
  7. Dutch customs know how to find me...nothing new there. (it all started when I ordered a 1/16 scale gun barrel years ago...never seen that many stamps from all kinds of security departments on a parcel before!) I can't order anything from outside the EU without punishment it seems. Seen it...been there and payed the price before. But now this... A very humble online order...from my dearest Barracuda friend Roy. A set of 1/24 109 K wheels and Uhu open cowl flaps...a meagre 39 euros altogether. I thought that surely be humble enough to stay under the radar, but no...no....I'm a terrorist for sure...had to pay 19 euros import duties to get the bloody parcel. Geez! We're on the same side aren't we?
  8. Thanks guys! Yeah...I love the Tivoli! We got the Model One 20 years ago (still doing it's thing nicely!). I got the Model Two from my wife last year. I'm now weeding through the mess in my cupboards and (stash) cabinet. It's amazing how much useless junk...gathered over the years...I already binned. I'm trying hard to create space. Over 30 years old Humbrol paint jars, models started...never to be finished, scrap boxes, dead paint brushes, rusty old tools, old decal sheet scraps, manuals...you name it! I'll try to be more organized from now on. Start building from the stash instead of buying more will be a good start
  9. Yep...time to start making a mess again (still struggling with the WGr.21 atm). The new dining table...and chairs and lamp
  10. We got a new dining table and I confiscated the old one 240 cm hobby desk now...finally a neat (and for the time being...tidy) place to glue plastic bits together!
  11. cool beast it is! One thing...the ailerons are both facing down, while they should face opposite directions I think...one down...the other up same amount. I dont think they're landing flaps, but I'm not an expert, so I might be wrong.
  12. Sunday we go to Venice for a few days, so I'll show where I am...and leave you guys alone until end of next week. Bits and bobs, loose ends and decals. The pitot tube and a spare one. It's worth to make your own. The kit part isn't that fantastic. The drop tank. I did this as a seperate project. It won't go on before the plane is ready for weathering. After the decals and varnish. The aluminium basecoat. Seasoning. Mediterarranean sea salt. RLM 76. I read somewhere it's great to use an electric toothbrush to remove the salt again. And indeed...it works great! Finished! Decals on (scraped off where the paint is damaged) and varnished. I'll do the weathering and fuel streaks together with the plane. Where I am with the plane... Doing the decals now. The canopy and loop antenna are not fixed yet. They have to wait until I varnished the plane. The canopy fits like a glove and it's amazing how good it is. Very thin and very clear. The Erla canopy is okey, but the early canopy is just superb. Can see much of the interior (Good! not a lot of work for nothing!) Note the beefed up loop antenna base. I put a lot of effort in this little thing, because it's such an eye catcher. Hoped to finish this build before Venice, but it's okey. I need another week with some spare time to finish the plane and probably another week to scratch the WGr.21s. Kinda amazing how time flies while glueing and painting plastic bits. Been working on this for a month now...and prolly 2 more weeks (not counting city trip time) needed. My deepest respect for those who build really complicated...and sometimes huge planes. Not sure I can cope with such builds More in a week or so! Rob
  13. Original idea to put it on a map. Lovely kit and 3 bonus points for the bucket! Rob
  14. Wow! you're on a RAF pruduction roll Looks really good. Rob
  15. Yeah, I know,but it's okey. It just took some time to do all the loose ends. All done and ready for the airbrush now. Made 2 pitot tubes (1 already for a future 109) from sliding brass tube, dented the drop tank here and there, landing gear together and all other little thingies cleaned up and basecoated. Made plans for the WGr.21 launchers, but I'll start working on them when the rest of the plane is more or less ready. Day off tomorrow and I plan to make it a produtive day! (but I won't rush it...I have no deadline) More tomorrow! Rob Edit: I did what I planned to do, but showing some painted small bits isn't worth a new reply More tomorrow!
  16. This morning I contacted Vallejo about the availability of the new colors. Received a reply before I finished my coffee after sending it....that's fantastic! The new colors are in their january 2016 catalogue and theyre available seperately...not only in the set of 8. It's a matter of time before they show up in shops. This can take a while, because the shops need to update or get new/extra paint stands. Not all will do that straight away (if at all). I can imagine shops just order paint they already have. Vallejo will contact the importer of their paint in the Netherlands to make sure he'll have them available. My local shop (Houtloods) will also contact the importer to get them. I already pre-ordered 6 of each Also excited about other new RLM colors...like the RLM 81. Rob
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