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Emhar Hermaphrodite

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A few pictures of Emhar`s Hermaphrodite, the original tracks have been replaced by a resin set. I have painted it using acrylic green, mixed with black and white acrylic to do the modulation thing. I applied with some enamel washes, and mud was applied using AK Interactive`s wonderful heavy mud and weathering set. I also used some pastel chalks to try something different.












I am in the process of making a diorama for this, using the grass mat, some plaster for mud etc, and some quality figures from Master Box:




The figures are based on an actual WW1 photograph:





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Nice one!


Perhaps scratch build the missing roof rails for the unditching beam or crib? The brackets are already there, but Emhar forgot to add the rail.

A few strips of evergreen L profile is all it takes.


When you like I can send you a a crib (from Model Cellar Productions) ...I have a spare. You can have it, just let me know.



The rails were often removed when damaged, so it's not a must to add them. the model looks great as it is.

For those wondering what on earth a crib is. It's a late war fascine, made of beams.

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