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RLM 74/75/76 Vallejo (air) question

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Hello guys,


I use Vallejo acrylics...mostly the "Air" range...for airbrushing (Obvious).


Lovely paint, not smelly or toxic, I add a few drops of airbrush thinner, but furthermore...ready to go paint. Easy airbrush cleaning also.

All in all...I'm happy with Vallejo (end of commercial :lol:)


But....I have some doubts about some of their RLM colours.


The RLM 76 seems pretty good, but I have problems with their 74 and 75...both are pretty dark grey and not a hinge of green in them.

Lets say...dark grey and...darker dark grey.


Are there any Vallejo users here with better ideas?







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I love Vallejo Air Color. 


However, I am not sold on the RLM colors.  66/74/75 are just seem too dark.  Usually a little light grey will bring the contrast out better.


I just jumped to Mr. Color (Gunze) for my 66/74/75 mixes.  To be frank, I am rather hooked on Mr. Color.  Thins, covers and levels well.  Works great at low psi for my mottle.


Good luck.

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Perhaps I used the RLM 75 too heavy handed before, because when I look at these test smears...


The RLM 75 looks ok....at least lighter than the 74.

Still wondering about the grey-greens I often see.
When I check books and colour schemes and finished builds on internet...still not helpful, because I see both...grey-greys and grey-greens.
Mostly for the darker 74, but sometimes also the 75...one of them...and both of them :unsure:
Just wondering about it.
Will do some tests before I mess up my current build. Less pressure, more thinner, drop of light grey.
Thanks again..and more RLM wisdom is always welcome. Plenty of knowledge here :)

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I used 74/75 on my 109G6 build and I could barely tell them apart.



Vallejo RLM74/75/76 straight out of the bottle (thinned of course)  The 74/75 color break is difficult and impossible to see.  (first time mottle attempt, thankfully a winter wash was applied)






Gunze RLM74/75/76 straight out of the bottle (thinned of course)


Lighting coud be better on the G6.  Regardless color break is not that good.

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Wow! that's indeed "heavy"...bordering solid black grey.
My G-14 was supposed to be heavily mottled (According the Kagero book)



Still a lot lighter than yours...or it must be the lighting. But also...hardly any difference between 74 and 75.

The colours on my photo are too blue because of the lighting...just to make it all even more confusing :lol:

I'll add a few drops of light grey to the 75 from now on. I like to stick to Vallejo, also because it's available around the corner and Gunze is pretty difficult to find here.


Note: top wing is 76 and 74..part of the reason I picked this scheme.


Looks like the Gunze 75 is a bit brownish (like RLM 81?)...the 74 has the green I mentioned. Superb fine mottling btw.


I guess colours will keep us busy till the end of modeling times :book:

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