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NorthStar 1/32 Revi 16B Review


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What I've seen...they looked gorgeous. Very sharp details and a perfect combination of resin, pe and clear film.
So I ordered 2 sets of 4 directly from NorthStar.


And indeed...they look great!


But...after measuring...they're not 1/32...they're 1/24.


Unusable for 1/32, but probably great for 1/24.




(I can't post in the review section...a mod can move it...or leave it...or whatever)



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Yep, I get myself some Quickboost ones. They're not that difficult to scratchbuild either.


I tried the ExtraTech pe Revi, but I wasn't too happy about it. I'm not a neuro surgeon :unsure:


Still a pitty...might get myself a 1/24 kit or two, but not 8 :lol:


Wondering how they managed to make them a full scale off...not just a little bit.


Edit: NorthStar requested my measurements and they'll check it. To be continued.

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I just received an email from Michael from Northstar.


He acknowledged the mistake.

They removed the item from the website and will make a correct replacement.

Those who bought them will get new ones when finished.


Northstar want to deliver top quality (like the mentioned wheels), so they take this very seriously.


I'm sure we will see more great stuff from them in the future.



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