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Flanders' Modelling Festival


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Been to Hoboken, Antwerp yesterday where IPMS Antwerp held it's annual show. It was great fun, as always. Sadly not too many models in the competition, though. There were some nice 1/32 models, especially the Hungarian MiG-23MF was mouth-watering!

Even better in my opinion was the 1/48 Mirage IIIE, the old Heller(?) model, totally detailed etc. It's camouflage scheme was also painstakenly executed, although it was by the nature of the colours more subdued than the MiG's...


Sadly I did lose almost all my money... :wallbash:



But I got a Trumpy 1/32 MiG-21UM and a Su-25UB in return! And a bag full of resin & PE...

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Ok then.I was stupid enough not to take pics of either the MiG-23 or the Mirage IIIE or the Junkers J.
I for that matter... But this is what I came home with:




See the "Soooo, what did you just get?"-thread for more details!... Of course I discovered that thread after opening this one...



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