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Willing to share a few spare decal bits of Felixstowe F.2a (Early)?


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Hello everyone, I would like to ask people who bought Felixstowe F.2a (Early) if you could share a few decal bits with me?

In case you are not planning to build option "B" (Felixstowe F.2a N4283 ‘2’), with razzle-dazzle black and white camo. Could you send me the decal-bits: [6], [8], [9] x 2, [10] x 2, [11] x 2 ?

I'm not sure what I can offer in return, but I can make a commission sketch for example, on a subject you desire, or tell me if you want something else in exchange. Just drop me a private message.

You can take a look at my sketches here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/78320478@N05/sets/72157648890178286/






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Love the sketches.


The style is perfectly suitable for a great comic strip.

Btw...why is it called comic in English?...sounds so disrespectful. The French "bande dessinée" sounds better :)



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