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Hetzer & G-13, Vol.II Kagero Photosniper 3D (#17)


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Kagero Photosniper 3D #17 (0017)

Panzerjäger 38(t)

Hetzer & G-13

Vol. 2

Publisher: Kagero

Written by: Mariusz Motyka, Hubert Michalski, Lukasz Gladysiak, Stafan Draminski


Available from Kagero for € 20,65





A nice follow up on the first volume of this photo sniper 3D edition on the Hetzer, as reviewed by me earlier, here. The Hetzer seams to get a lot of attention by model companies and modelers alike. Perfect models from the box have been issued by companies like Academy, Tamiya and Dragon in 35th scale. The latter being the superior in detail. Tamiya recently treated the smaller scale modeler to a perfect 48th scale rendition. After market sets have been released by a number of companies, so it’s easy to super detail your Hetzer without any scratch building necessary. The only thing you need is some good reference. Well, with both volume 1 and 2 of this series you need to look no further. Volume 1 covered the interior in detail. Driver’s seat, controls, ammunition storage, etc… Whereas this volume continues with the engine, fuel storage, gun breach and suspension. All of these areas are featured in 3D, which offer clear and comprehensive insight for the modeler.


Let’s go through the chapters and see what we get:



With the history and development already covered in Volume 1, this volume starts with a chapter on the numerous variants this little tank hunter saw. We see some nice photographs  of the Flammpanzer variant and several 1/35 scale drawings. Both outline and cut away, revealing the dimensions of the interior elements.






Combat History

Besides a detailed description of the Hetzer usage by german forces and post war Swiss adoption, this chapter provides a lot of photo material to inspire a diorama, scheme or stowage. The Hetzer was a formidable hunter that stood it’s ground. This was due to it’s small size, which made it a difficult target. But also it’s relative adequate armament and sloping armor design. The only enemies it was no match for were the large IS-2, ISU-152, Pershing, etc…



This chapter shows the Hetzer in colour. With photo’s taken by Lukasz Dyczkowski during a re-enactment battle show us the Hetzer in full glory and detail. As good as we can get. Camouflage, Fuel pumping, maintenance, and also tank crew uniforms and gear. Pretty cool stuff. 






3D renderings

Here we go. The chapter that gives these books a good punch of reference. As said, volume I deals with the drivers’ compartment, interior, controls and exterior. This volume starts with a singulation of the gun. The 7,5cm PaK 39 gun. Invaluable reference. Not only for coloring, but also super detailing. The interior wasn’t just all white :)








The renderings continue with a look inside the engine compartment. And no, this area wasn’t all black :). Praga AC 2800 engine, Fuel tank, battery, hoses, cabling, all is revealed in clarity. The engine, engine filters, battery, etc.. are shown inside their compartment, and subsequently taken out. The next pages show the engine separately from all angles. 




Now we move on to the suspension, wheels and tracks. At first complete, from different angles, and then (as we are getting used to with these titles) taken apart. The wheels come off (literally). 






The final pages show us 7 different schemes. With the first three from all angles.

• Scheme 1: Hinterhalt-tarnung (camo) 

• Scheme 2: ROA (Russian Liberation Army) with Skoda factory applied came

• Scheme 3: Polish Army (captured), named: Chwad (Merry Blade). 


Conclusion / Verdict

I for one can’t get enough of these 3D titles. They will prove their worth when super detailing a subject, or when just trying to figure out what color an engine filter is. Working in 3D is quite laborious (believe me, i use 3D software and should know). The amount of detail in both models and textures is staggering. The 3D modeler has my respect. The low prize of these books should not be an obstacle. Do yourself a favor and score one before scoring your Hetzer model. 


Very highly recommended



Our sincere thanks to Kagero for the review sample. To purchase directly, click HERE.


Jeroen Peters

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Another great write up. I wish they'd tackle more aircraft, especially WW1, as they did with the D.VII and Dr.I


No arguing about the quality of this one. I love those 3D renderings.

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