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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

The forum royalscale.ru to 01/06/2015 will be a contest in building 1/32 models.


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Thnx for sharing!

Google translate does a pretty good job since I can understand the regulations :)


The judging is done pretty professional by the looks of it!



The contest is held on 01/06/15 09/30/15 
The competition allowed 1/32 scale model 
competition is "from scratch." Ie - the beginning of construction of model 06.01.15, construction should be covered in the forum royalscale.ru. The model must be completed by 30/09/15 
On 01/10/15 at 10/15/15 to vote on the model.

Valuation rules

1. Visual perception model 
1.1 - The overall impression of the model: 
_____________________________ max. 20 points 
1.2 Visual matching model 
_____________________________ max.5 points 
1.3 - Historical information about the prototype: 
Year, division Scene, pilot ) 
_____________________________ max.5 score 
2 - Build Quality Models: 
2.1 - Precision fit of parts and machining parts: 
no crevices, ledges, the absence of distortions elements, traces of pushers, underfilling, sink marks ) 
_____________________________ maximum 10 points 
2.2 - the correct location of pieces of external and internal devices visible on: 
acc. installation locations, the size, shape and number of items ) 
_____________________________ max.5 points . 
2.3 - Quality of assembly transparencies: 
_____________________________ maks.4 points 
2.4 - Compliance with the "materiel" selected prototype: 
_____________________________ maximum 10 points 
2.5 - "waved": 
all copyrights finishing their own hands with the materials at hand ) 
_____________________________ maximum 10 points 
2.5 .1 - used aftemarket: 
_____________________________ 2 score 
3 - Paint Quality model: 
coloring and markings shall be documented (photo) ): 
3.1 - Precision performance paint schemes: 
(a line of camouflage fields, the transition boundary color matching and color palettes camouflage elements ) 
_____________________________ maximum 10 points 
3.2 - Ageing model: 
signs of wear, discoloration, burning, chipping, stains, limescale ) 
_____________________________ maximum 10 points 
3.3 - The quality of the binding on the lamp: 
_____________________________ max.5 points 
3.4 - Quality of applying decals: 
_____________________________ maks.4 points


Count me in!

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