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Wingspan I - 1:32 Aircraft Modelling - Canfora Publishing


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Wingspan I

1:32 Aircraft Modelling

Several authors

Publisher: Canfora – Graphic Design & Publishing

128 pages

Landscape format (A4 size with softcover)

10 full features build

Price tag: 27 euros


Canfora Publishing has several book of AFV modelling and diorama.

This book is a collection of several buildings aircraft, specifically articles 10 with properly completed models. And at proper scale - 1:32.

The whole structure between the various items is identical in approach to the subject, but with different modellers with distinctive styles.


On first reading, is the clear sense that the text is fluid, easy to read with some information

This book is not a FAQ or a pure SBS but an informative and mojo up to modeler. The works are inspirational and can effective have a positive effect in modeler motivation.

All models are inspiring, with the precise purpose: to inspire and motivate the modeler.


The index:

Nakajima K-84 Hayate

Hasegawa - Jan Kopecký

Vought F4U-1 Corsair

Tamiya - Toni Canfora

Messerschmitt 163 Komet

Meng - Mats Johansson

Supermarine Spitfire Mk.VIII

Tamiya - Anders Isaksson

Messerschmitt Bf 109

Eduard - Jan Abrahamsson

North American B-25 Mitchell

HK Models - Jan Kopecký

Fokker DVII (Fokker and Albatros version)

Wingnut Wings - Mikael Terfors

Gloster Meteor F.4

HK Models - Toni Canfora

Messerschmitt Bf 110C-1

Dragon - Stepan Lasek


So the choices felt on WWI to Early jet age, with mainly going to WWII.




All features have a small side table, with main information:  the model kit used, the aftermarkets, and paints brands (and not the references).

Also every single work has a color label to identify all articles, to a quick search.

It's a display of beautiful works, with a few tips and some photos of WIP with spectacular photographs of fantastic models.

Several techniques are presented throughout the several builds and although it is told how to do, there is after only some pics of it, not a Step-by-step ... But had to be as it is not the aim.

Every single work is top quality, the best you can see in magazines.




The Hasegawa Ki-84(red label) has an excellent worn finish with beautiful weathering paint job.


This build has two “in progress” sections, with special attention to the cockpit, silver painting, final paintjob and undercarriage.


Next we got a Tamiya Corsair (light blue label), by Toni Canfora, a very intricate model done superbly with a fantastic paintjob, with smooth blue/gray camouflage.





This build also have two in progress sections, with highlights of the cockpit and camouflage color paintjob and weathering with hairspray technique.








Next in line is the Me-163 from Meng (yellow label)





It`s a very good work on this little rocket plane.




This particularly article only have one “in progress” section, with some details of the guns, camouflage and Verlinden`s Bosh Anlasswagen.


Some details and more pictures of this little and fantastic piece could have been included.


Next, my favourite on the entire book: Tamiya Spitfire Mk. VIII “gray nurse” from RAAF 457 squadron.







Andres Isaksson made a fantastic job on making this one, using Miracle Mask for the shark mouth. The shark mouth is on spotlight in one of the three in progress section alongside with the cockpit and exhaust.




The shark mouth and the eyes are truly amazing. 


The two more in progress section really is one of the most completed one of the entire books, showing several steps of the camouflage paint work, the stencils use from HGW and the painting of all the insignia with masks.


The faded blue label is for the Eduard Me-109 E-4.








As all others previous builds, this one have a little more incisive and detailed history of the plane and the reasons why the modeler choose the scheme.



Top standard build once more with cockpit well visible, with the central gun bay uncover and radio compartment.



Brilliant work.




The second german plane and the second article with only one “in progress” section.  Nothing against Lufwaffe I suppose! J - On this section, some pics of Aires set (cockpit and radio) and Eduard set (Engine set).


The next in line is the highlight of the wonderful, the HK Model B-25 (with the greenish blue label).






The B-25 is a awesome model with “Ave Maria” scheme, with a lovely nose art. Religion always present in hard moments in life.


The article has a full construction description in four “in progress” sections. Almost a step by step of the beauty.


The first section shows us all the PE sets used and all the scratch work of the interior. Amazing craftsmanship from Jan Kopecký.


The second section is also all about the interior paintjob and four nice detail pictures of the two engines.


The third part are the finals shoots of the cockpit and nose section.


The last “in progress…” section we get some pics of the weathering process and finals details like landing gear, and final shoot of the engines.





Like the other in progress section, every single pic has it`s own legend so some of them are quite helpful in to know what has been used and in what terms.


 The next one is a special one for all Wingnutters like me – WnW Fokker D.VII




Not one but two Fokker D.VII with different fabric issues.

So you got a Fokker and a Albatros build.

Ahhh, orange label I.D.

One do have a full engine open with Taurus aftermarket on the “in progress” section with very good tips.




This article has two “in progess” sections, one for each Fokker D.VII.




The text is quite fluid and very easy to understand, being reported both construction simultaneous what it can be a little confuse.




Both Fokker are top quality ant the narrative text do have some useful tips for all those who are going to make one or more Fokker D.VII.


Next in line is one that was a very very pleasant surprise: The Gloster Meteor from HK Models.






Not that I didn`t already saw fantastic models of this great kit, which I did but because I never saw such a beautiful one.





The Meteor really doesn`t mean anything for me, but when I saw this one in  Argentinean Air Force markings I fall in love!!


Toni Canfora work on this one is brilliant and you can see all the lovely work on the three in progress sections, where we can see the cockpit, the small “operation” to install the Fisher resin intakes, all the steps of the metallic paintjob, that alongside with the text, you can get the real image how it was done.


Also it`s shows the final details, the canopy correction work and flaps.


The label for this article is celestial Blue… why`s that, I wonder? ;)


The last but not the least, A nightfighter… an ALL BLACK (not) with red label.

Eduard Me-110 C


An awesome Bf.110 from Dragon that alongside with the Spitifire in on the top of my preferences.





On this article, the inaccuracies that Dragon`s 110 do have are pointed and fixed.






Three in progress sections with details pictures of the cockpit and with the corrections made. Quite informative and usefull.


I always have been fascinated for nightfigher and the accurate and realistic paintjob on the not so black paint. Here the author gives us the very first steps to jump in and try to get it done! J I know I will.


The other in progress section decals, undercarriage, belly weathering, and the improved spinner are the topics of this section.



Not being a FAQ book, neither it intended to be, it’s a book with very models, with some useful tips and advices, as well with techniques explain in words and not in pictures as an option.

 The book has a fantastic color registration and print quality, with some excellent model photography reproduced on 128 glossy pages.

The main goal of this book is being an inspiration to other modellers, to get up your mojo, to get you motivated, has it`s has no intention to be a teaching tool only, because we ca take some great tips and try out by reading how they do it.

As the book's title suggests, this is the first in a planned series, with Volume 2 already underway. Fans of more modern aircraft may be disappointed with the selection of featured builds, but the sheer artistry on show is hard to ignore. Perhaps volume 2 will address this perceived imbalance. On the strength of this showing, it will be worth waiting for regardless!



Highly Recommend


Our sincere thanks to Canfora Publishing for the review sample.

Disclamer: all the pictures were taken with cellular phone to protect copyrights. The quality of the printing and colors are top top quality.



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