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Vallejo Ocean Gray / MSG Advice?


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Not sure if this is the right forum area to ask, but I'm wondering if anyone has a good reference for Vallejo RAF Ocean Grey? There doesn't seem to be an Ocean Grey in their range (at least not that my LHS has in stock), and even if there was, sometimes their descriptions are a bit iffy: Vallejo Medium Sea Grey (for the undersides) seems a bit dark to my eyes, so any advice there would be good too.


So for an RAF Spitfire in Ocean Grey / Green / Medium Sea Grey scheme, what are the best Vallejo paints to go for. At a pinch I could use Tamiya if anyone has any reccomendations for that too.



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Tamiya released all 3 of those colors around the time the 32nd Spitfire came out. Looks good to me. Used it on my Typhoon.


Thanks Paulster. I saw a very nice Spitfire on another forum, and they had used a Tamiya Dark Green combined with Xtracrylix Ocean Grey, so that's what I bought (from my local air museum who happen to stock Xtracrylix. This will be my first experience of that paint make.

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