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Eduard/Brassin F-104G/S wheels


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Eduard/Brassin 632 046

F-104G/S wheels

for 1/32 Italeri kit

Available from many online-stores or direct from Eduard for €11,25


With the arrival on the scene of the Lockheed F-104G Starfighter, a wider main wheel was designed as the F-104G was from the outset meant to be not only a point-defence interceptor but also a ground-attack aircraft. As can be understood, extra fuel tanks and air-to-ground weaponry put a larger strain on the landing gear than a clean configuration with two Sidewinders or with only tiptanks and Sidewinders.


Did the earlier F-104A and F-104C have closed wheel hubs, this variant did feature (cooling) holes in the hubs. The Brassin resin is again stunning in it's detail and features two halves to the hubs and separate tires with excellent tread detail. I think that pictures do say more than 1000 words in this case.


The outside hubs of the main gear:




The insides with the brake details:




The MLG tire with all logos and moulded-in tire information:






For the nose wheel you have the choice between a "spoked" version and a closed version. The kit nose wheel is incorrect in that it has spokes on one side and is smooth on the other.






And the nosewheel tire:






There is one thing to keep in mind with this type of wheel; because it was wider than preceding wheel, the larger of the main landing gear doors were finished with a nice bulge to create room for the wheels. However, the Canadian CF-104's and the Japanese F-104J's were fitted with the same pattern hubs, only these were as slim as the earlier designs. Consequently, the CF-104 and the F-104J did not have the bulged main landing gear doors. 


Of course, there are Always exceptions to the rules; as far as I have understood, the Danes did retrofit their CF-104's with the wider wheels. The Norwegians, who also bought surplus CF-104's from the CAF didn't and kept the narrow wheels and the flat doors!




Those wishing to make the correct wheels for the CF-104 or F-104J might consider getting Brassin 632 045:




...and using the slimmer tires with the hubs from this set. I don't have 632 045 but presume that the MLG tires are indeed slimmer! Of course, you might have to sand down the backs of the hub-parts to make them fit the tires...


Very Highly Recommended!


Our thanks go to eduard for supplying the review sample.

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