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Eduard / Brassin "Early" F-104 exhaust nozzle for Italeri kits


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Brassin 1/32 F-104A/C/G "Early" Exhaust Nozzle

Available at many good online-stores or directly from Eduard for €14,95.





The Starfighters from the YF-104 up to and including the F-104G were fitted with this type of exhaust nozzle. At one time the German Air Force put their F-104G engines through a modification process that also resulted in the adoption of a longer -and different design- of exhaust nozzle. The same type of "late" nozzle was also used on the F-104S. Brassin also has parts for that exhaust, see the review by Jeroen Peters. In any case the Original design has been used on the majority of (T)F-104G's throughout their life and on all F-104A's, F-104B's, F-104C's and F-104D's.


The set is superbly cast with very fine detail. I just consists of 2 parts that are used in conjunction with the afterburner section of the kit.


The outer nozzle:




And the inner nozzle (the one that is responsible for the legendary Starfighter whistle):




Compare that to the original kit part (although that also includes an inner nozzle, not pictured here):



Dave Williams, Largescaleplanes


It's evident that the resin parts are much finer than the kit parts.


Check it out against these photos of the real thing from the SBAP website:



Serge van Heertum / SBAP



Serge van Heertum / SBAP



SBAP have a very fine walk-around of a Belgian F-104G on their site.


As you can guess, this product from Brassin comes Very Highly Recommended.

My thanks go to Eduard for providing the review sample.

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