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Eduard F-104C Gun Bay for Italeri kit


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Eduard F-104C Gun Bay set for Italeri

Product number 32 822

Available from many online stores or directly from Eduard for €14,95




This set adds some nice details to the basic kit part. Keep in mind though, that usually only the hinging aft hatch was opened for day-to-day maintenance / checks. Only for more extensive maintenace was the front hatch removed.




And the compartment in real life:



Michael Wolf



These photos give a bit of insight how the compartment looks with the M61A1 gun removed:



Patrick Spitaels, aircraftresourcecenter.com




Patrick Spitaels, aircraftresourcecenter.com



As can be seen, the compartment will need some wiring added as well. If you are planning to add this detail to the bay itself, I'd recommend putting in the Master barrel set for the M61A1 Vulcan gun too!


The Eduard instructions.


There were no differences in the gun compartments between the F-104A, C and G that I'm aware of, so this set can also be used for Italeri's F-104G.


Highly Recommended


I'd like to thank Eduard for providing the review sample.

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