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1/12 Bandai Stormtrooper


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Hi all,

Well after building the 1/12 Scout Trooper I figured I should try one of the others.


So, out came the 1/12 Stormtrooper.  Same sort of build as the Scout Trooper, very fast, looks very good and all one would do once the pose was finalised is maybe glue and fill the gaps in the joints for the arms and legs.  I might get round to that eventually.  The only paint on him is across the nose where there is a grey area, the decal looked wrong so I painted it with vallejo blue/grey.


A nice feature is the poseability for now and the fact that he has multiple (3) weapons all of which can be interchanged and the smallest pistol and blaster can also be placed in the black holster on his leg.  You can even choose whether he is left or right handed.  Very cool.


I hope you like the pictures.  Cheer for now...













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