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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

1/48 Bandai AT-ST with Chewbacca


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Although I have a dozen projects underway, couldn't help myself:


This goes together even better than Tamiya stuff, amazing:


Cockpit colors I picked at random, used Tamiya IJN grey I think as base. No oils/enamels for weathering, so tried a thin black wash using Lifecolor:


Only flaw I've found is there are two big tabs on the seats for where the crew sit, but I didnt want the crew, I wanted Chewie, so cut these out and put in some styrene sheet as seat cushions:




I put a satin coat over this to seal, will finish the construction tomorrow (or tonight, Spartan Queen permitting). 

Loving this build!

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Buttoned up:






And there it is, sans weapons. I added the weapons this arvo, the visors are down for paint masking, I'll have them up, they give you the option of both (and the top hatch too)


Only problem so far is the roof doesnt fit flush, possibly because of the paint in the cockpit....next one I build I'll skip the cockpit, spent more time on that than all construction combined and you see none of it!

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Looking great!


If your planing to give it a wash with White Spirits/Turps base washes... make sure you glue everything and seal all the mating points of parts as they will crack!

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Big update, almost finished, apart from some touch up paint, Chewie and a bit more work on the base:







It ended up being WAY more dark grey then i thought, its almost looking like a Panzer, not an Imperial Walker. (was tempted to put a cross on it and maybe some Tiger battalion badges....)

Weathering was done with clay washes and then Vallejo and AK pigments, with some prismacolor pencil chipping/rubbing. I wanted to use an ink wash, but didnt have any, so tried a diluted matt black Lifecolor one (water based) but it was only so so...

Once ive done Chewie and the base i'll put some more piccies up

On to the next one! Camo version methinks, splinter or maybe even late WW2 ambush scheme? 

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