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Everything posted by crazypoet

  1. Nice! What are you using for the hose?
  2. Gorgeous! Thats a ton of work, getting the design to render so beautifully
  3. There's a whole world of hoses and fittings to get lost in, down there! Just remember to come up for air every now and then...
  4. I'll be working back and forth between this and the Camel, as I can work on one while glue is drying on the other. I opened this over the weekend and got started laminating the keel last night... Wheee!
  5. Damn - nice!!!
  6. There's not been much happening that's photo-worthy, though I'm continuing to make progress on the base and stands. in the interim, I finished up the title plate today. I had it done at Shapeways, based on an HO-scale building sign... The finish is Tamiya fine filler/primer, graphite, Uschi iron and steel powders, rust wash and more iron and steel powders to tie it all together.
  7. Looks fine as-is! Have fun with it
  8. I'm all ears to hear how you approach this...! err, well, given that this is all words on a screen and such... make that I'm all *eyes*
  9. Love it! I'll be watching this one
  10. The wood blocks make tons of sense as they provide solid support for everything around them. I also like the jig you made for gluing up the base of the tank - you're giving all of us a great tutorial here!
  11. I'm delighted to see it there safe and sound - I hope your folk enjoy building that beautiful bird
  12. Agreed with Rob - that is an impressive build in an equally impressive amount of time - love the work!
  13. I completely understand the desire to make it accurate even when the details are all but invisible. I *also* understand the need for a good celebratory beverage afterwards!
  14. Those are *gorgeous*
  15. Looks like a fun break! I should have thought of something like that waaaay back when...
  16. Here's the tracking number: USPS Conf Number: CJ533359673US you can look it up at http://www.usps.com
  17. According to USPS, there's a hold on delivery for "Payment of Charges". are they trying to impose an import Tax? Let me know - I'll happily cover any such fees via a matching donation.
  18. Nice!!!
  19. i just checked my package and it shows that it's sitting in Customs in London
  20. Agreed - nice job on both the CAD work and the design of the components/assembly
  21. A day in the life... Starting to cut out ironclad armor plating for the top half of the base, and laying out deck planking for the bottom... An hour of cutting Styrene sheet... And starting to lay lay out the pieces... All this because I needed a break from applying rivets to the second Boat stand... hmmmm... I'm thinking this base idea was a bit ambitious! It will be really nice when it's done, though, and will help to put the Picket Boat into context...
  22. Good Gawd I'll be watching over your shoulder...
  23. You are all over the place with your builds - I enjoy both the variety of subjects and your impeccable execution