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  1. So this kit is both my first major resin build and, with the Signifer G21B Trans Kit, also my first full conversion. Sadly not in 1:32, but this subject simply isn't (at least presently) available in my preferred scale. So 1:48 will have to do. I've added resin components to other builds and done a fair bit of scratching, but this is stepping waaay out of my comfort zone. I have each of you as inspiration, and I plan to plagiarize shamelessly from your techniques and ideas. I love the Signifer kits and the owner is a joy to work with. The Goose kit is already a beauty, with tons of resin components. The G21B conversion kit changes the airframe from amphibian to pure seaplane, completely replaces the cockpit, adds a dorsal gun port and - almost a kit in itself - the beaching trolley. I already had the Goose kit in my stash, and I ordered the conversion kit specifically for this GB - thanks for providing the inspiration! It arrived in my mailbox today, so I'm starting to plan my approach now. I've loved the Goose since I first saw one many years ago. It's the one aircraft that I would actually love to own and fly (given time and opportunity) and I hope to do it justice with this build. Later on I'd like to do a "Personal Fantasy" build of the Goose that I'd have for myself, using this same Signifer kit as a starting point.
  2. Grumman Goose JRF-5, Conversion to Portuguese Navy G21B

    Ha! Finally got Photobucket straight... Now if I can do the same with my workbench, I'm back in business!
  3. I'll be working back and forth between this and the Camel, as I can work on one while glue is drying on the other. I opened this over the weekend and got started laminating the keel last night... Wheee!
  4. Model Expo 1/24 USN Picket Boat 1

    After a long delay caused by relocating to a new living space, I'm finally getting my working space functional again - look for updates to this over the next few weeks. I'm also looking at PhotoBucket to see why my pics aren't displaying - I upgraded my account some time ago
  5. Grumman Goose JRF-5, Conversion to Portuguese Navy G21B

    It's been quite a year! I had a change in familial status and relocation to a new space, both of which contributed to a long delay in getting *anything* done! I'm getting settled, and should have my work space functional in the next week or so, so I can pick back up where I left off in April... Life is quite the adventure...
  6. Big As MAZ

    Nice! What are you using for the hose?
  7. 1/32 Tripod Jack (RAF) ready for ordering

    Gorgeous! Thats a ton of work, getting the design to render so beautifully
  8. Big As MAZ

    There's a whole world of hoses and fittings to get lost in, down there! Just remember to come up for air every now and then...
  9. 1:48 Tamiya Mosquito PR Mk.IV

    Damn - nice!!!
  10. Hasegawa 1/48 Typhoon completed.

  11. Model Expo 1/24 USN Picket Boat 1

    There's not been much happening that's photo-worthy, though I'm continuing to make progress on the base and stands. in the interim, I finished up the title plate today. I had it done at Shapeways, based on an HO-scale building sign... The finish is Tamiya fine filler/primer, graphite, Uschi iron and steel powders, rust wash and more iron and steel powders to tie it all together.
  12. King Tiger build in an Army tent

    Looks fine as-is! Have fun with it
  13. Iconicair Supermarine Spiteful

    I'm all ears to hear how you approach this...! err, well, given that this is all words on a screen and such... make that I'm all *eyes*
  14. Love it! I'll be watching this one
  15. Big As MAZ

    The wood blocks make tons of sense as they provide solid support for everything around them. I also like the jig you made for gluing up the base of the tank - you're giving all of us a great tutorial here!
  16. Models for Heroes needs your help

    I'm delighted to see it there safe and sound - I hope your folk enjoy building that beautiful bird
  17. Agreed with Rob - that is an impressive build in an equally impressive amount of time - love the work!
  18. Big As MAZ

    I completely understand the desire to make it accurate even when the details are all but invisible. I *also* understand the need for a good celebratory beverage afterwards!
  19. WnW Junkers J I "After the Armistice"

    Those are *gorgeous*
  20. King Tiger build in an Army tent

    Looks like a fun break! I should have thought of something like that waaaay back when...
  21. Models for Heroes needs your help

    Here's the tracking number: USPS Conf Number: CJ533359673US you can look it up at http://www.usps.com
  22. Models for Heroes needs your help

    According to USPS, there's a hold on delivery for "Payment of Charges". are they trying to impose an import Tax? Let me know - I'll happily cover any such fees via a matching donation.
  23. Profimodeller Fi103 V1

  24. Models for Heroes needs your help

    i just checked my package and it shows that it's sitting in Customs in London
  25. MH 60 s Knighthawk Academy 1/35

    Agreed - nice job on both the CAD work and the design of the components/assembly