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StG 44 German WW2 Assault Rifle scratchbuild 1:1 scale


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I have decided on my next build - the historically important StG 44 Assault Rifle. Hitler was against its development but it did become the first of its kind to see major deployment - however it came too late to have any effect on the outcome of the war.



Several searches of the Internet resulted in a good selection of photographs and engineers drawings with detailed measurements. I also found, and purchased a set of reproduction grips. Using these images I produced a full size (94cm overall) picture and printed it out on 5 sheets of A4 paper. I split the build into two halves to make it easier to shape. The assembled images were spray-glued to a piece of 12mm ply wood which will form the rigid spine of the model. The shape was roughly cut out with a jig saw and then carefully trimmed with the scroll saw. The left grip helps to check everything looks OK.







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Thanks for your comments. Materials will be mainly wood, including balsa, which is easy to shape. I then resin coat any softwood to firm it up. Many of the details will be made using plasticard (up to 2mm). I will make some details with epoxy putty. Some metal will be used (rod and tube). The whole thing will be held together with glue and screws. In order to maintain strength the finished item will have no moving parts. It must, however, look totally realistic - that will be my aim.

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Made some progress over the weekend.

I cut a section out of the plywood spine to take the upper part of the receiver with the cocking handle. This I turned and routed (7mm) then drilled and screwed it to the spine. I turned another, larger diameter part that holds the bolt. 2 sections were cut from this and glued either side of the spine underneath the upper part.
The front end of the upper part was turned down to fit inside a section of 22mm steel tubing, This forms a sturdy socket into which I will later fix the front end of the rifle.
I am now building up layers of filler between the two wooden sections. The screw heads will eventually be hidden under other components.







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