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References for StuG III Ausf. G

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Hi guys,


I've been brainstorming for a few weeks about what I'm going to build this summer once final exams are over, and I've settled on Dragon's beautiful StuG III Ausf. G (early) that I got really cheap a few months ago during a spruebrothers sale. It's got a decent interior and some good detail. I'm hoping to make it my best build yet and I have plans to make it a fully detailed interior with AM sets and scratchbuilt detail. If it turns out, I'll take it to the IPMS nationals with me.


Right now, I'm looking for references. Of course, there are many books available, but it's hard to know which are worth it. I'm wondering if any of you can recommend any books/websites/anything else that are good references. Preferably, the source is about the Ausf. G, but any sources are appreciated. Also, references with detail on the interior and other close-up detail get an extra thumbs up.


Thanks in advance!

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well, what exactly do you want in a reference?


wartime pics to copy a scheme or scene?

i recommend as a good all rounder this book  "On Display vol.2 - StuG III" from Canfora Publishing by Toni Canfora, which I reviewed for Scale Plastic and Rail:




technical information about what production batch / variant had which precise features, 1/35 plans that are ACCURATE etc?

seek out the relevant Panzer Tracts volume, by Jentz & Doyle; they are without parallel in either armour or air modelling - they are that good


that should set you up nicely

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I do not, sorry.

The PT book should be worth it, irrespective of interior detail.

You could always pick up a cheapo Osprey book as well, but they are terribly dated I find, and it depends VERY much on who the exact authors / contributors are.

Toni Canfora got some of the most talented armour builders out there for his book - I would try looking them and their work up too if you are really serious about detail and accuracy.



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The Stug IIIG Walk Around from Squadron/Signal is very good value for money. For flat out detail, The Ryton book is hard to beat, though vastly more expensive, and covering the Stug in general, not specifically the G, and the JJ Fedorowicz books are simply some of the best there are for period shots and overall history, at least in my opinion.

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