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New book from PeKo Publishing

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Welcome to LSM! These books sure are a great addition to anyone who want to seriuosly go to town on a Panzer.

It's been a while since I tried my hands on one... Maybe too long when I look at those photo's.




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Hello and welcome


Thank you for posting your news

I tried your website but it says under construction?


Could you tell us a little more about these books, especially the newest one?

Do you concentrate on the war in Hungary, or is there coverage of all fronts / locations?


Kind regards



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Hi Guys,


Thank you for your kind words. Our webpage is under construction yet, but hopefully it will be on full throttle soon. I'll let you know.

Till then you should write us to the





Our first three books belongs to our "World War Two Photobook Series" and are genereally cover of the subjets, ie. the "T-34 on the battlefield" on the most versions of the legendary T-34, the "StuG III on the battlefield" submitting on the different versions of the StuG III, and the soon will be releasing "Panzerwaffe on the battlefield" will analyze the German tanks.

The next volumes will cover also the StuG III (as a 2. part) and the KV tanks.

Next year we will release - besides the new Photobook Serie - historical books and unit histories of World War Two. And of course, there will be a few really interesting book of the Hungarian battlefield.















Peter Barnaky


PeKo Publishing




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