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Welcome to the "1945" Group Build


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Welcome to our inaugural group build at the Large Scale Luftwaffe forums, the "1945" GB.


A few rules and notes:


  • The group build will run from 1 Nov 2015 to 31 Aug 2016
  • Any 1/35 or larger Luftwaffe aircraft or ground support vehicle operational or depicted in 1945 is eligible. Additionally foreign air forces operating German aircraft are welcome as well, i.e,. Italian 109's, Hungarian 190's etc.
  • Entries should be no more than 25% compete at the start of the GB, if in doubt ask a moderator.  Entries further along are welcome but not eligible for prizes, please note your build as a "non-competitive" entry when you enter it.  As always we're on the honor system here.
  • The grand prize (and it's a good one) will be awarded by a random raffle drawing.  Completing at least one entry gets you a ticket in the raffle, multiple completions do not get you more than one ticket in the raffle.  Additionally a "best of show" prize will be awarded for the outstanding entry as determined by our staff.
  • Have fun! B)
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