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1:35 Sabre German Railway Schwerer Plattformwagen Type SSys


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Sabre Models 1:35 German Railway Schwerer Plattformwagen Type SSys

SBM 35A02

Available from many online-stores around £36.99


The Kit and Contents

This comes in a sturdy cardboard box and whilst the artwork is subdued its detailed and shows that this is large enough to take a decent sized armour piece.  

Sabre Models are totally new to me and Ive not heard of them before I saw this kit advertised.  I don't know why but I have always liked the look of Rail Car Models.  Im not so taken by the trains but the choices for weathering and load that these offer is something that really gets my attention.  I can see this with a tank on it, an aircraft or aircraft parts or even just dumped and weathered up at the side of a railway sidings covered in undergrowth.  The options are limitless.


The contents in the box are:

14 Grey Plastic Sprues,

1 Small decal sheet,

1 User Manual - Construction of the car itself,

1 Instructions for the rails and sleepers that has the colour chart on the back of it.


The Sprues.

There are quite a number of sprues here, though most are duplicates and in a couple of cases quadruplicates.  They are very crisply cast and have no sign of flash.  The flat beds themselves, which in reality are wooden, are really well cast and show a very convincing wood effect.  I reckon this will build up really nicely.


Sprue A (x2)

This sprue contains the wooden pallets and some of the larger parts of the bogies and the side panels.



Sprue B (x4)

This contains the remainder of the metallic car parts themselves.



Sprue Y1 (x4)on the left and Sprue Y2 (x2) on the right.

Sprue Y1 included the wheels and the axles for those wheels.

Sprue Y2 is mostly parts of the buffers and ancillary parts of the car itself.



Rail and Sleeper Sprue (x2) Unnumbered.

These include the sleepers and the rails on which the car rides.




The instruction are really well done.  They remind me of Trumpeter instructions and I wonder if Sabre Models use the same suppliers.  There are no colour callouts on these instructions at all, these are kept for the markings and decal sheets.







The Colour Callout Sheet.

This is printed very nicely on the rear of the rail instructions.  All colours are marked as Hobby Color and Gunze Sangyo Mr. Color so you will need a conversion chart if like me you don't use these suppliers paints.  As there are no colours in the main instructions the modeller will need to refer back and forth between this and the instructions as the build progresses.  



Decal Sheet.

The decal sheet is small and looks to be very good quality.  I cant read german so how accurate they are I do not know but they look the part.




In conclusion this is a really nice little kit. It'll give the modeller the chance to exercise those weathering muscles and to have a go at replicating the metallic parts of the railcar and the wooden slatted bed itself.  I cant wait to build it and come up with a few ideas as to where to place it and what to place upon it.  If nothing else it'll be an interesting addition to any collection.

Highly Recommended to all.

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