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Eagle Aviation books: Viper Under The Skin


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Hello Guys,


I recently had an opportunity to purchase several aviation books that are a great source for modeling reference, both in-depth detail and over all subject viewing. I had not heard of this company until recently and from what I can see they are off to a great start. The company is base out of Greece, thus covering variety of Hellenic Air Force aircraft's. These books are well illustrated with clean and sharp photographs. The author/publisher is a model builder, thus the exposure of the subjects are illustrated from a modelers point of view. By a modeler for a modellers.


In the end, it was money well spent and a great addition to my personal library. I cannot wait to see their next publication and from what I understand it will be F-4 Phantom Under the Skin, and A-7 Corsair Under the Skin. These books can be purchased directly from the author...


Ioannis K. Lekkas






I cannot say enough about the great photography in these books, so its better I let you view some samples of it for yourself...(btw, I'm not in any way, shape, or form connected to Mr. Lekkas or his business and receiving any royalties or product in exchange for this review. I'm just a happy customer looking to share information on these great books with my fellow modelers.)


F-16 Fighting Falcon - Viper Under the Skin

Soft Cover: 100 pages, 400+ photographs

ISBN 978-618-81376-4-6












This book covers live weapons...








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