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Aces High Magazine (Issue 5)


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ACES HIGH Magazine ‘Vietnam’

(AK 2908 Issue 5)


Publisher: AK Interactive

Chief editor: Daniel Zamarbide


Available from AK Interactive for € 23,95





The Aces High magazine is one of those magazines you just don’t throw away once read. Every issue revolves around a theme and is printed on high quality paper and clearly blessed by the hands of an avid and able graphic designer. Since every issue is theme based, it’s pretty easy to grab an issue from your bookshelf, once starting a certain project, looking for reference or technique. The issue at hand is based on the Vietnam conflict. Which means many early blowtorches and lots of weathering opportunities. The price of 9 euro’s is compensated by the above and the inclusion of a poster by Romain Hugault and the many clear step-by-step instructions in the articles. Going through the colophon two personal friends of mine jump out, which to me means: Perfect English grammar (James Hatch!) and inspiring modelling (Jeroen Veen!).


Recently the modelling scene has seen the entry of many new techniques and materials, so it’s important to stay on the ball and up your game. Magazines like Aces High do just that and manage to inspire along the way.


So what do we get?

A sturdy glossy cover, binding 78 quality glossy pages. A poster in the middle. Restrained advertorial space, many close ups, and well designed lay-outs.

Let me walk you through it:




• The Mighty Snake

(1/48 Hobbyboss Mig-17F by Istvan Michalko)

A very thorough documented build of the the Mig-17F, treated with Alclad, fluid mask chipping in combination with silver pencil chipping. There’s also some old-style chipping with a bristle brush and silver enamel that looks really convincing.  The pencil chipping is done with a silver refill pencil (o,5 mm thickness?) that I must get my hands on! Especially in the smaller 1/48 scale this comes in handy.


I’ve said it before, but I do appreciate the fact that not every how-to photo shows a clean AK products bottle in the background, fictionally applied with a clean brush. The fact that other brands are used by the modeller, tells me that I’m not being fooled into any brand J







• The Deadly Arrow

(1/48 Eduard Mig-21PFM by Jeroen Veen)

This sweet build by my buddy Jeroen Veen tackles a new technique still untouched by me: metalizer paste you need to rub and buff. Although he himself isn’t 100% satisfied by the result, I’m impressed. The detail and finish on this bird are outstanding.






• Da Nang’s Death Angel

(1/48 Hasegawa F-8 Crusader by Girolamo Lorusso)

If all-out aftermarket is your game, then you’ll love this build. The venerable Has F-8 with all Aires resin sets. Lots of sanding and dry-fitting as well as detail painting is documented and depicted. So is putting the bombs in the spinning part of your Dremel to paint the yellow stripes. A technique I once used and failed miserably in.





• Vietnam Warhorse

(1/72 Trumpeter F-100D Super Sablre by Vitor Costa)

Next up is a much more restrained build of an F-100D. Only an aftermarket cockpit is used and the paintwork is weathered to a minimum. Quite refreshing amongst all the badly battered birds.




• Rhino over Hanoi

(1/48 Academy F-4B Phantom by Jose Dominguez)

Another sweet build! The Academy F-4B. Spiced up with scratch building that incorporates greencard, rod and wire. An all out build with a sexy paint scheme. This shows how spoiled we are as modellers. I catch myself not touching kits in my stash, when no proper aftermarket has been released for it yet. Note to self: Just pull it out and scratch what you need!




Some inspiring bonus pics from the day:




• Mind the Gap, The Ground Section

(1/32 Verlinden Mig Killer figure vignette by Roberto Ramirez)

The old Verlinden range is what got me drooling as a young boy in the modelshop. The camo patterned boxes with luscious photo’s of the finished thing on top. This figure (I believe) is from those days! A resin figure, maybe not quite up to the Alpine Miniatures or Ultracast examples of today, but with some patience and good painting skills and can look like this. The head (IMHO) could have done with a replacement… This article also shows us how to scratch build the vignette base, fence and palm tree. A nice scene that depicts the Mig Killer attitude of the Vietnam conflict.




• Mind the Gap, The Ground Section

(1/48 Verlinden Ford Mutt by Francesco J. Martinez)

Another Verlinden golden oldie (1995)! The Ford Mutt. These older resin kits can be a pain to assemble and require a lot of research yourself, but can be turned into real gems with some filter and pigment.





Well what can I say? This is just another sweet issue of this welcome addition to the magazine rack! Theme based and well designed, so worthy of the bookcase, instead of the magazine stack that ends up in the kitty litter box. Daniel Zamarbide has a keen eye for spotting great modellers, that don’t just know how to build, but can also write and photograph. The added poster that’s always included in the Aces High Magazine is a nice bonus that will liven up any boy’s room (or mancave ofcourse)…




Another very highly recommended!


A special thanks to AK Interactive for the review sample.


Available here.


Jeroen Peters




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