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AK Interactive Metallics V1 / Learning series 4


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Metallics Volume 1

AK Learning Series 04


Publisher: AK Interactive

Editor & Idea: Fernando Vallejo


Available from AK Interactive for € 9,95




What we have here is number 4 in the growing line of AK Interactive’s Learning series. Instead of covering a series of subjects (like Cold War Tanks for instance) ththis range deals with a certain material. Volume 1 taught us to paint Realistic and weathered Wood and was linked to the AK paint set. Volume 2 was all about German Panzer uniforms and volume 3 dealt with rubber and iron under the title: Tracks and wheels. Pretty smart marketing, since the result of a modellers work is crucial in creating raving fans of a certain tool or paint. Focussing on a certain material helps us to master a certain technique.


So what do we get?

A sturdy glossy A5 cover, binding 83 high quality glossy pages. Restrained advertorial space and various metallic painting techniques and metal types.

Let me walk you through it:




• Introduction

With an explanation on how light is refracted and basic colour theory.





• Paint types

Deals with the characteristics of acrylics, enamels, lacquers, inks and other metallic paint types available. 




• Main metals in modelling

The most common metals we try to replicate in our models and the challenges they bring.


• Techniques and samples

Step by step tutorials on how to achieve a convincing steel or aluminium finish with various paints and techniques.


This last chapter is one to take a closer look at. There are so many ways to deal with various metallic finishes, that it’s important to choose the medium and technique carefully. The book shows us the effects of weathering pigments, filters, washes and inks on top of the XTreme metal paints by AK Interactive (but these materials ofcourse can also apply to Alclad II for instance). It shows us how to properly use the wax and polish agent with the name True Metal by AK Interactive and has an entire section of step by step airplane finish techniques and super glossy car and bike finishes that show your mirrored reflection after careful polishing. Even the application of Bare Metal foil is shown, even though it is not featured in the AK product line-up. A nice touch.








Look at the effect of inks on this heat discolored engine of a 1/48 Fouga Magister...









This is a simple but effective little title that will offer great help to the novice modeller, whether he falls for the AK Extreme Metal range or not. But it will also help the weathered, senior modeller that is open to new techniques and / or materials.


A highly recommended for the quick learner!


A special thanks to AK Interactive for the review sample.

Available here.


Jeroen Peters




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